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Testo SPEED OF SOUND – Doro Pesch

Testo della canzone SPEED OF SOUND di Doro Pesch Album: Hey! pull the trigger I am your bullet Going to nowhere I’m shooting up into the sky The rhythm.. Accelerator! This rocket is ready to fly Good-bye to your slow-creeping days Nothing will stand in my way! Racing faster Breaking out of this mad prison-cell Faster! Just like… Leggi »

Testo Scarred – DORO PESCH

Testo della canzone Scarred di DORO PESCH Album: Miscellaneous My eyes just drink you in And I always feel so much I’m contemplating sin And you know I’m losing touch Everything is moving fast I know that this must end Like a drug that doesn’t last Let the hangover begin There’s pain that you left here Though I… Leggi »