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Testo Fame – Duran Duran

Testo della canzone Fame dei Duran Duran Album: Miscellaneous (bowie, lennon, alomar) Fame, makes a man take things over Fame, lets him loose, hard to swallow Fame, puts you there, where things are hollow Fame.. Fame, hurts your brain, just a flame A funny tin to dip you inside Fame.. Fame, what you like is in the limo… Leggi »

Testo Land – Duran Duran

Testo della canzone Land dei Duran Duran Album: Big Thing Baby, I’m really sorry to break your dream when it’s so early Headlights on the windowpane they’re getting lost in the light of day tomorrow is today and soon my ship will sail Away from here to walk a howling sealane stay for me your love is life… Leggi »