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Testo On Fire – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone On Fire degli Eurythmics Album: Miscellaneous With your long black hair covering your face Perfect teeth behind velvet lips I fell in love with a mystery The strangest thing that ever happened to me Well I carved your name on the hanging tree When the sun went down it went down on me On fire… Leggi »

Testo MY TRUE LOVE – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone MY TRUE LOVE degli Eurythmics Album: My true love is sitting on a pile of stones And he´s wondering to himself Oh where did I go wrong? My true love has found himself alone And he´s sorry for it all And for the hurt we´ve done And I´ve given more than I can take Fallen… Leggi »

Testo When Tomorrows Comes – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone When Tomorrows Comes degli Eurythmics Album: Underneath your dream lit eyes shades of sleep have driven you away The moon is pale outside and you are far from here. Breathing shifts your careless head Untroubled by the chaos of our lives Another day another night has taken you again my dear. And you know that… Leggi »

Testo Beethoven I Love To Listen To – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone Beethoven I Love To Listen To degli Eurythmics Album: Savage Take a girl like that And put her in a natural setting Like a cafe for example. Along comes the boy And he’s looking for trouble With a girl like that With a girl like that. Who knows what they’ll decide to do. Who knows… Leggi »

Testo Heart Of Stone – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone Heart Of Stone degli Eurythmics Album: Miscellaneous I bought your record in NYC Discorama down on union square I must have played it a million times over I’d close my eyes imagine you were there You know I really dig the clothes you wear I only wish you could be my baby I want to… Leggi »

Testo I´ve Tried Everything – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone I´ve Tried Everything degli Eurythmics Album: The truth of life is the greatest gift But I dont think I can make it fit And who would guess it would come to this When Ive tried everything And I should know but I cant explain The endless noise sounding in my brain Who wouldve thought that… Leggi »

Testo Happy To Be Here – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone Happy To Be Here degli Eurythmics Album: Miscellaneous I put all my eggs in the bacon slicer but now it’s turned out fine. in fact it couldn’t be nice a nice Jewish girl and a bottle of cider seven days later I was a man of the world …… I thought I’ll go and get… Leggi »

Testo Youre Lost (Forever) – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone Youre Lost (Forever) degli Eurythmics Album: You can laugh You can cry But you can’t look me Look me in the eye You’re lost forever You can walk Yes you can run But you’ll never be number one You’re lost forever There’s a church bell ringing On a mountain top You’ll never hear it if… Leggi »