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Testo Caveman Head – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone Caveman Head degli Eurythmics Album: Miscellaneous Feel my body breathing in Touch the softness of my skin… I am very beautiful I can be so beautiful… I am very beautiful I could be successful… My hands are moving My feet are tied Watch the way my hair falls down See the way my hair falls… Leggi »

Testo Angel – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone Angel degli Eurythmics Album: We Too Are One Underneath this canopy of snow Where fifty-seven winters Took their toll Where did you go? And I believed in you I believed in you Like Elvis Presley Singing psalms on a Sunday (Where did you go?) Well she’s gone to meet Her maker Back to where she… Leggi »

Testo THE KING & QUEEN OF AMERICA – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone THE KING & QUEEN OF AMERICA degli Eurythmics Album: Miscellaneous Well c’mon darlin’ The stars are burning bright C’mon now darlin’ Our lick is good tonight – ‘Cause we’re the all time winners In the all time loser’s game Yea we’re the all time winners And here we go again The king & queen of… Leggi »

Testo Take Your Pain Away – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone Take Your Pain Away degli Eurythmics Album: Revenge If I could find a way To soothe your troubled mind Then I would erase your fears And help you to unwind. I would ease the burden That you carry everyday. Oh – don’t you know I’d find a cure And take your pain away. Take your… Leggi »

Testo THE WALK – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone THE WALK degli Eurythmics Album: I could be contended I don’t need to suffer You’re beautiful Good to talk to You make an impression To take my attention And when you touch my skin I smell disaster Step away – walk away All I want is the real thing (nothing but the real thing) Walking… Leggi »

Testo Good For Nothing – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone Good For Nothing degli Eurythmics Album: Miscellaneous He works so hard with no holidays but all his clothes are tailor-made his mother said son you’ve got it made well you had it made yesterday but now it’s all for nothing good for nothing he goes to bed with a lava lamp beds full of books… Leggi »

Testo Heaven And Earth – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone Heaven And Earth degli Eurythmics Album: Miscellaneous The drunk mortician lurches Past the broken windowed churches He starts to laugh and cry At the same time What really makes him drink Is the time he has to think And he knows that there is Nowhere he can hide He’s got people making speeches Hang around… Leggi »

Testo King Of The Hypocrites – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone King Of The Hypocrites degli Eurythmics Album: Miscellaneous You told me you are a Christian You told me you are pure You told me you would sacrifice every thing for sure! King of the hypocrites King of the hypocrites With a crown of lies Look me in the eyes You told me you were picked… Leggi »

Testo LIFTED – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone LIFTED degli Eurythmics Album: Don´t be afraid when you Walk through the dark Just when you feel that Your day fell apart Stay strong Keep holding on Clear skies ahead and the dark day is done Keep on lifted Keep on lifted I wish you everything That you could want Just when the day finds… Leggi »

Testo PEACE IS JUST A WORD – Eurythmics

Testo della canzone PEACE IS JUST A WORD degli Eurythmics Album: Stop the world Turn out the sun I’m so tired of it turning round Stop the world Call it a day Leave it all behind Leave it that way Peace Is just a word Is just a word Stop the world Just let it bleed Well we’ve… Leggi »