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Testo Garden Party – Fish

Testo della canzone Garden Party di Fish Album: Garden party held today, invites call the debs to play, Social climbers polish ladders, Wayward sons again have fathers, Tutte le canzoni di Fish

Testo Big Wedge – Fish

Testo della canzone Big Wedge di Fish Album: Vigil In A Wilderness I found a new religion yesterday, I’d just cleared immigration JFK a priest got in a cadillac, the shoe shine boy sang gospel as God and his accountants drove away. You’ll see him coast to coast on live tv, in a stadium rocked by Satan just… Leggi »

Testo Shadowplay – Fish

Testo della canzone Shadowplay di Fish Album: (DickSimmonds) Hunched foetal in the corner of my soul My fingernails are bleeding From climbing up the wall This time you really hurt me right down to the core And I’m desperately trying to find a reason To forgive you for it all I saw your life as a shadowplay In… Leggi »

Testo Jeepster – Fish

Testo della canzone Jeepster di Fish Album: You’re so sweet You’re so fine I want you all and everything Just to be mine `Cos you’re my baby `Cos you’re my love Girl I’m just a Jeepster For your love Your slide so good With bones so fair You’ve got the universe Reclining in your hair Just like a… Leggi »

Testo Mission Statement – Fish

Testo della canzone Mission Statement di Fish Album: I punched the clock in at 35, I thank the Lord that I’m still alive, sometimes I find it hard to believe that my hearts still beating that I’m still on my feet, I’m gonna give you, gonna give you a mission statement. I’ve been in a downward spiral for… Leggi »

Testo Charting The Single – Fish

Testo della canzone Charting The Single di Fish Album: Yeah! Slow French kissing with the Dauphin’s daughter If I fall in love now I’ll be floating in Seine Plastered in Paris I’ve had an Eiffel Gonna make my escape on the midnight train – Choo, choo to you – Choo, choo to you – Charting the single Schnapping… Leggi »

Testo Out Of My Mind – Fish

Testo della canzone Out Of My Mind di Fish Album: The girl that I’ve been dreaming of is stepping with another guy On the dancefloor at the center of the room And the record that they’re dancing to’s the one we used to dance to I caught a smiling at the corner of her eye It’s not getting… Leggi »

Testo Clich – Fish

Testo della canzone Clich di Fish Album: I’ve got a reputation of being a man with a gift of words Romantic poetic type or so they say But I find it hard to express the way I feel about you Without getting involved with the old clichs In the old clichs, it’s an old clich This song’s begun… Leggi »

Testo THE COMPANY – Fish

Testo della canzone THE COMPANY di Fish Album: Where beggars take cheques and children steal credit cards From the pockets of wrecks that lie in the road I came to in my future that was just yesterday Unsure of my past, that’s a knot in my gut You buy me a drink then you think that you’ve got… Leggi »

Testo Tilted Cross – Fish

Testo della canzone Tilted Cross di Fish Album: There’s a message that’s been left in the long grass by a stranger who’s passed this way before, planted seed from which we reap a bitter harvest from his long forgotten war, I left my love in a grave and I marked it with a cross that will stand so… Leggi »