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Testo Emperors Song – Fish

Testo della canzone Emperors Song di Fish Album: What would you do if it all broke up What would you do if the doors were shut And the pearls are being eaten by the swine What would you do when the worms don’t turn There’s nothing left nowhere to run And it’s looking slightly bleaker every day Do… Leggi »

Testo He Knows You Know – Fish

Testo della canzone He Knows You Know di Fish Album: Light switch, yellow fever, crawling up your bathroom wall Singing psychedelic praises to the depths of the china bowl You’ve got venom in your stomach, You’ve got poison in your head You should have listen to the priest at the Confession when he offered you the sacred bread… Leggi »

Testo Another Murder Of A Day – Fish

Testo della canzone Another Murder Of A Day di Fish Album: She prays the lights stay green all night She prays the traffic doesn’t slow And the knots that tie her stomach are only butterflies Only butterflies, fly by every day While your waiting on a man, waiting on a man to show There he stands behind the… Leggi »

Testo Freaks – Fish

Testo della canzone Freaks di Fish Album: Have you ever met a lady, screaming angst potential? Have you ever dreamed of romance, no matter how experimental? Have you ever felt an alien drifting back into your hometown? Did you think you were buying safety When you bought that piece of ground? She said all the best freaks are… Leggi »

Testo Something in the Air – Fish

Testo della canzone Something in the Air di Fish Album: (SpeedyKeen) Call out the instigators because there’s something in the air, We got to get together sooner or later because the revolutions here, And you know it’s right and you know that it’s right. We have got to get it together. We have got to get it toggether… Leggi »