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Testo Tumbledown – Fish

Testo della canzone Tumbledown di Fish Album: It’s just a matter of time a figure of speech that springs to mind throughout the day As the minutes go by, a second thought, a moment lost, time ticks away and everything changes, forever never lasts, no such thing as always,it’s all too soon the past. Tumbledown, tumbledown, tumble, tumble,… Leggi »

Testo Lavender – Fish

Testo della canzone Lavender di Fish Album: I was walking in the park dreaming of a spark When I heard the sprinklers whisper, Shimmer in the haze of summer lawns. Then I heard the children singing, They were running through the rainbows They were singing a song for you Well it seemed to be a song for you,… Leggi »

Testo Shadowplay Dick Simmonds – Fish

Testo della canzone Shadowplay Dick Simmonds di Fish Album: Internal Exile Hunched foetal in the corner of my soul My fingernails are bleeding From climbing up the wall This time you really hurt me right down to the core And I’m desperately trying to find a reason To forgive you for it all I saw your life as… Leggi »

Testo Brother 52 – Fish

Testo della canzone Brother 52 di Fish Album: Sunsets On Empire Doc: Tattoo Shop Fish: Hi Doc Doc: Hey Fish, what are you doin’ Fish: If you don’t mind, we’re gonna record this. Is that cool? Doc: Oh that’s cool as hell. Hell yeah, 52’s biggest dream man. You know his biggest dream was, me and him go… Leggi »

Testo Black Canal – Fish

Testo della canzone Black Canal di Fish Album: They’ll always find a place for you in the sidewalk cafes No one ventures into the streets these days Except strangers and those like me, looking for work I noticed the smell when I got off the bus And traced it down to a canal that ran Right through the… Leggi »

Testo Boston Tea Party – Fish

Testo della canzone Boston Tea Party di Fish Album: [The Sensational Alex Harvey Band] (Alex Harvey) Chorus Are you going to the party? Are you going to the Boston Tea Party? Redcoats in the village There’s fighting in the streets The Indians and the mountain men, well They are talking when they meet The king has said he’s… Leggi »

Testo Tic-Tac-Toe – Fish

Testo della canzone Tic-Tac-Toe di Fish Album: We are led by the light at the end of the tunnel We are guided by the fires of our burning dreams We’re inspired by our ideals and driven by conscience To cross what the cynics perceive as naive We the people want it straight for a change We the people… Leggi »

Testo Credo – Fish

Testo della canzone Credo di Fish Album: (DickSimmondsBoultUsher) I watch the TV every night, I stay awake by satellite, I hope and pray the nightmares, Stay away today. An oily shroud on a coral reef, A black cloud’s hanging over me. When I hit on the remote, The programmes stay the same. Credo, credo, credo, credo. An assegai… Leggi »

Testo Goldfish and Clowns – Fish

Testo della canzone Goldfish and Clowns di Fish Album: Sunsets On Empire There are vampires in the park Mawgojzeta, but I only hear the sound of dancing bears. They’re shooting stars in Warsaw Mawgojzeta, Mawgojzeta do you care? Do you believe that anything that I could say would sort your life out? What’s the difference? Could you trust… Leggi »

Testo Hotel Hobbies – Fish

Testo della canzone Hotel Hobbies di Fish Album: Hotel hobbies padding dawns hollow corridors Bell boys checking out the hookers in the bar Slug-like fingers trace the star-spangled clouds of cocaine on the mirror The short straw took its bow The tell tale tocking of the last cigarette Marking time in the packet as the whisky sweat Lies… Leggi »