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Testo Heart Of Lothian – Fish

Testo della canzone Heart Of Lothian di Fish Album: 1) Wide boy Wide boys, wide boys, wide boys Born with hearts of Lothian Wide boys, wide boys, born with hearts of Lothian Wide boys, we were wide boys, born with hearts of Lothian These hearts of Lothian It’s six o’clock in the tower blocks The stalagmites of culture… Leggi »

Testo Bandwagon – Fish

Testo della canzone Bandwagon di Fish Album: Suits Bandwagon, it’s coming into town To turn your life around And take you to the places that you once Could only dream of They’ll be standing right there before your eyes And the heroes that you worship They’ll be riding with you, up there by their side On the bandwagon,… Leggi »

Testo View From The Hill – Fish

Testo della canzone View From The Hill di Fish Album: Vigil In A Wilderness You sit and think that everything is coming up roses but you can’t see the weeds that entangle your feet. You can’t see the wood for the trees cos the forest is burning and you say it’s the smoke in your eyes that’s making… Leggi »

Testo Punch And Judy – Fish

Testo della canzone Punch And Judy di Fish Album: Washing machine, pinstripe dream stripped the gloss from a beauty queen Punch and Judy, Judy, Judy Found our nest in the Daily Express, met the Vicar in a holy vest Punch and Judy, Punch and Judy Brought up the children, Church of E, now I vegetate with a color… Leggi »

Testo Somebody Special – Fish

Testo della canzone Somebody Special di Fish Album: Suits She’s got a photograph of David Bowie In a Victorian hand made frame Signed backstage by a roadie in his name She’s got Hemingway in her bedside table And a pistol under a pillow beside her head The bullets round her neck She wants to wear suits A cocktail… Leggi »

Testo Just Good Friends – Fish

Testo della canzone Just Good Friends di Fish Album: (dickusherboultsimmonds) There’s something i want to ask you Before it’s too late, It’s been on my mind since the first time we met It scares me now more, now there’s more at stake, It seems we’re so close yet so far away. Could you turn me down gently would… Leggi »

Testo Blind Curve – Fish

Testo della canzone Blind Curve di Fish Album: 1) Vocal Under A Bloodlight Last night you said I was cold, untouchable A lonely piece of action from another town I just want to be free, I’m happy to be lonely Can’t you stay away? Just leave me alone with my thoughts. Just a runaway, just a runaway, I’m… Leggi »

Testo Jack And Jill – Fish

Testo della canzone Jack And Jill di Fish Album: unknow Jack and Jill Taken from Fish single Big Wedge — Jack and Jill Me and my old lady we got a dream commin’ true Me and my old lady just bought some room with a view We kept our options open it was the omly way we could… Leggi »

Testo Lucky Dick Boult Simmond – Fish

Testo della canzone Lucky Dick Boult Simmond di Fish Album: Internal Exile He met the world as a Dalkeith boy, raised from a shaft at Monktonhall In a well oiled cage, That locked away his dreams, An ’85 veteran face from the gallery, A ghost from the civil war in the family He stood his ground on the… Leggi »

Testo Say It With Flowers – Fish

Testo della canzone Say It With Flowers di Fish Album: Sunsets On Empire We could talk for hours and we do about nothing, and avoid talking about anything that could cause us problems, that we couldn’t ignore, and have to talk about, to sort something out. We got to keep talking, Keep talking. So we’re talking, and that’s… Leggi »