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Testo My Breathing – Gary Numan

Testo della canzone My Breathing di Gary Numan Album: Strange Charm Assassination of the voice of God I don’t know if I can do it I’ve found the problem and the problem’s you I’m here to pick up the pieces. You won’t remember me but I do you I told you that I would come back Everything will… Leggi »

Testo Poison – Gary Numan

Testo della canzone Poison di Gary Numan Album: Machine And Soul Help me I’m in disgrace Witness slow death All over my face Help me Pick up my heart Tell my friends Wherever they are Listen They stole my dream New corruption Know what I mean? Listen Do you think I don’t know? I’ve got a face like… Leggi »

Testo This Is Emotion – Gary Numan

Testo della canzone This Is Emotion di Gary Numan Album: Miscellaneous This is This is emotion calling Inside You don’t know me One game A miracle of invention You lose These rules are mine Dirty pictures You’re in the movies Move in Move out I’m in slow motion One love One tear One night Of fear One game… Leggi »

Testo Night Talk – Gary Numan

Testo della canzone Night Talk di Gary Numan Album: Dance Boys watch from windows tonight I’m not surpriesed to see you waiting here You keep them in business just supplying you Get in the car I’ve something to say Stay in bed why waste my time Open your eyes but only if you can Office in a sidestreet… Leggi »

Testo Love Isolation – Gary Numan

Testo della canzone Love Isolation di Gary Numan Album: Machine And Soul These are words Just for you Only words But it’s all I can do Reasons fade As reasons can do All I want Is to talk with you You cried with me Laughed at me Talked to me Sheltered me Fought by me Lied for me… Leggi »

Testo We Are Glass – Gary Numan

Testo della canzone We Are Glass di Gary Numan Album: Telekon (Cd Reissue We are young, we can break Watch us fall We can take some train down to the sea We are glass, we are glass We are real, you can touch Just for now, and then say hey you, which way is down? We are glass,… Leggi »