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Testo Endless Wire – Gordon Lightfoot

Testo della canzone Endless Wire di Gordon Lightfoot Album: Endless Wire I ain’t got nothin’ to hide My mind is an endless wire I got both feet on the ground I ain’t got no one for hire I ain’t got a thing to show My lines have all expired So don’t go foolin’ around And set my wheels… Leggi »

Testo Boss Man – Gordon Lightfoot

Testo della canzone Boss Man di Gordon Lightfoot Album: Did She Mention My Name Boss Man Boss Man what do ya say I gotta get you alone in the mine some day Boss Man Boss Man turn it around If you don’t look away how can I sit down Look at this load upon my back Gotta get… Leggi »

Testo Oh, Linda – Gordon Lightfoot

Testo della canzone Oh, Linda di Gordon Lightfoot Album: Lightfoot! Oh Linda you done me wrong I’m gonna sing you a goodbye song Sing a song that’s most unkind I ain’t even gonna try to change your mind Oh Linda you made me grieve I feel like I could die Look out baby the moon is falling Down… Leggi »

Testo Unsettled Ways – Gordon Lightfoot

Testo della canzone Unsettled Ways di Gordon Lightfoot Album: Back Here On Earth Forgive me my unsettled ways Don’t linger in time or finger what’s mine Don’t make me do What you wouldn’t do yourself Forgive me the bad things I do Don’t ask me to change or exchange what I am For something else You know that… Leggi »

Testo Of The High Seas – Gordon Lightfoot

Testo della canzone Of The High Seas di Gordon Lightfoot Album: Dream Street Rose Was it someone she met that’s so hard to forget Was it some kind of an ocean of changes I don’t remember where she said she would be And since I don’t know, let me guess Was it somewhere in Michigan or the Lake… Leggi »

Testo Crossroads – Gordon Lightfoot

Testo della canzone Crossroads di Gordon Lightfoot Album: The Way I Feel When first I did appear upon this native soil All up and down this country at labor I did toil I slumbered in the moonlight and I rose with the sun I rambled through the canyons where the cold rivers run When first I did come… Leggi »

Testo Rainbow Trout – Gordon Lightfoot

Testo della canzone Rainbow Trout di Gordon Lightfoot Album: Cold On The Shoulder In the name of love she came This foolish winsome girl She was all decked out like a rainbow trout Swimmin’ up stream in the world And she said Please, please, I’ve lost my way The current is too strong In the name of love,… Leggi »

Testo All Im After – Gordon Lightfoot

Testo della canzone All Im After di Gordon Lightfoot Album: Gordon Lightfoot Con una giacca sbagliata Walter il mago si presentera’ di nuovo qua Con un cilindro truccato ed un coniglio vecchio quasi come il trucco che fa Ed il suo abra cadabra-cadabra abra si fa chiamare zingaro ma e’ uno zingaro di lusso e lo sa. Lo… Leggi »