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Testo Lunatic Fringe – Graham Parker

Testo della canzone Lunatic Fringe di Graham Parker Album: VERSE IN G G Em I want to thank you for sticking my neck out G Em7 C I know I’ll be there when they let the cranks out G Em C Dm I won’t be culpable, got too much to answer for ooo oooh G Em My heart… Leggi »

Testo BEAN COUNTER – Graham Parker – Graham Parker

Testo della canzone BEAN COUNTER – Graham Parker di Graham Parker Album: In answer to the question about the groove this song is based on here is a rough version. I’m not sure if it’s right nor not. It’s possibly I’ve made it (the chorus especially) needlessly over-complicated. It’s probably quite simple for someone who can actually play… Leggi »

Testo Jolie Jolie – Graham Parker

Testo della canzone Jolie Jolie di Graham Parker Album: There’s no remedy I just keep yearning for the sound of your voice I don’t use teardrops as a weapon by choice They’re just a fall out of my eyes Keep reminding me Every last touch is buried under my skin Every caress keeps up the hunger within Now… Leggi »