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Testo Ever Lonely – Hanson

Testo della canzone Ever Lonely degli Hanson Album: Live From Albertane Well if you’re ever lonely You can call on me I’ll be here for you All you’ve got to do is call Said, I’m always waiting Here for you All you’ve got to do, whoa whoa Is keep on trying ‘til your call gets through For so… Leggi »

Testo Magic Carpet Ride – Hanson

Testo della canzone Magic Carpet Ride degli Hanson Album: I like to dream yes, yes, right between my sound machine On a cloud of sound I drift in the night Any place it goes is right Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here Well, you don’t know what we can find Why don’t you come… Leggi »

Testo Bridges Of Stone – Hanson

Testo della canzone Bridges Of Stone degli Hanson Album: This Time Around- Demo You can only push someone so far You can only break so many hearts It used to be love on another Now it’s lust for your lover Baby, I was trying to burn bridges of stone You can only wait You can only wait so… Leggi »

Testo Lonely Again Bonus – Hanson

Testo della canzone Lonely Again Bonus degli Hanson Album: This Time Around (2000 You’re supposed to give more than you take You had my heart on your plate You stopped loving me so fast There are stories left untold But you act like they’re all old But then you and I we belong together again and I said… Leggi »

Testo Love Somebody To Know – Hanson

Testo della canzone Love Somebody To Know degli Hanson Album: Underneath Conversations from 4 o clock till 9, Confrontation she?ll never compromise, My new religion, Is written in the song, I disbelieve it, But I can?t believe it?s wrong. I can?t explain what she does to me, You?ve got to love somebody to know, I can?t explain how… Leggi »

Testo Rockin’Around The Christmas Tree – Hanson

Testo della canzone Rockin’Around The Christmas Tree degli Hanson Album: Snowed In Oh Rockin around the Christmas tree At the Christmas party hop Mistletoe hung where you can see Every couple tries to stop Rockin around the Christmas tree Let the Christmas spirit ring Later we’ll have some pumpkin pie And we’ll do some carolling You will get… Leggi »

Testo Christmas Baby Please Come Home – Hanson

Testo della canzone Christmas Baby Please Come Home degli Hanson Album: Snowed In They’re singing Deck the Halls But it’s not like Christmas at all I remember when you were here And all the fun that we had last year The snow’s coming down Now I’m watching it fall All the people around Baby please come home The… Leggi »

Testo Sunshine Of Your Love – Hanson

Testo della canzone Sunshine Of Your Love degli Hanson Album: It’s getting near dawn, When lights close their tired eyes. I’ll soon be with you my love, To give you my dawn surprise. I’ll be with you darling soon, I’ll be with you when the stars start falling. I’ve been waiting so long To be where I’m going… Leggi »

Testo Wish I Was There – Hanson

Testo della canzone Wish I Was There degli Hanson Album: This Time Around The sun has fallen Another day gone without you My heart keeps calling And I don’t know just what to do When you’re near me I seem to forget my lonely days It’s more than a feeling It’s something that can’t be explained CHORUS: I… Leggi »

Testo Boomerang – Hanson

Testo della canzone Boomerang degli Hanson Album: Boomerang Somethin’ special about you babe Maybe its your smile But when I see you You peel the dial Oh girl CHORUS: Big bang it hit me like a boomerang, Light turns green, blood starts flowin’ Big bang it hit me like a boomerang Light turns green and my heart starts… Leggi »