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Testo Ever Lonely – Hanson

Testo della canzone Ever Lonely degli Hanson Album: Live From Albertane Well if you’re ever lonely You can call on me I’ll be here for you All you’ve got to do is call Said, I’m always waiting Here for you All you’ve got to do, whoa whoa Is keep on trying ‘til your call gets through For so… Leggi »

Testo Love Somebody To Know – Hanson

Testo della canzone Love Somebody To Know degli Hanson Album: Underneath Conversations from 4 o clock till 9, Confrontation she?ll never compromise, My new religion, Is written in the song, I disbelieve it, But I can?t believe it?s wrong. I can?t explain what she does to me, You?ve got to love somebody to know, I can?t explain how… Leggi »

Testo Wish I Was There – Hanson

Testo della canzone Wish I Was There degli Hanson Album: This Time Around The sun has fallen Another day gone without you My heart keeps calling And I don’t know just what to do When you’re near me I seem to forget my lonely days It’s more than a feeling It’s something that can’t be explained CHORUS: I… Leggi »

Testo Boomerang – Hanson

Testo della canzone Boomerang degli Hanson Album: Boomerang Somethin’ special about you babe Maybe its your smile But when I see you You peel the dial Oh girl CHORUS: Big bang it hit me like a boomerang, Light turns green, blood starts flowin’ Big bang it hit me like a boomerang Light turns green and my heart starts… Leggi »