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Testo Wheels – Husker Du

Testo della canzone Wheels degli Husker Du Album: On a date with sharon tate I’m gonna pick her up in my new crate Well we go to the movies we go to a drag The highway patrol puts us both in a bag Wheels, wheels Statue of mary sitting on my dash Mother please protect me Help me… Leggi »

Testo Sorry Somehow – Husker Du

Testo della canzone Sorry Somehow degli Husker Du Album: Time heals, time goes on and time really flies Time hurts and time can cut you, cut you down to size There’s no need to touch you now, no, i’m doing fine Life too can cut you and i’ve cut you out of mine You’re making me… Sorry, sorry… Leggi »

Testo Dont Have A Life – Husker Du

Testo della canzone Dont Have A Life degli Husker Du Album: Don’t have a life That i wanna live with you There’s a thousand things That i’d rather do It’s my life, told you There’s none for you Just let me be You jam my groove Don’t have a life That i wanna live with you Every time… Leggi »

Testo Sunshine Superman – Husker Du

Testo della canzone Sunshine Superman degli Husker Du Album: Sunshine superman Sunshine came softly through my window today I could have tripped out easy but i’ve changed my ways. It’ll take time i know it, but in a while… You’re gonna be mine and i know it, we’ll do it in style. Cause i’ve made my mind up… Leggi »

Testo Dead Set On Destruction – Husker Du

Testo della canzone Dead Set On Destruction degli Husker Du Album: Well i’m standing in the queue And i can’t stand anymore missing you And i can’t stand the pain ‘cause i can’t get home ‘cause of a hurricane Dead set on destruction There’s no flights home today And no services out on the motorway And i can’t… Leggi »

Testo Masochism World Hart – Husker Du

Testo della canzone Masochism World Hart degli Husker Du Album: Zen-Arcade Can you feel it feel it feel it in your soul can you tell me tell me if it’s hot or cold Can you tell me what it is does it hurt you when I do this Stop it stop it stop it you’re pulling too hard… Leggi »

Testo Love Is All Around – Husker Du

Testo della canzone Love Is All Around degli Husker Du Album: I feel it in my fingers I feel it in my toes Love is all around me And so the feeling grows Its written on the wind Its everywhere I go, oh yes it is So if you really love me Come on and let it show… Leggi »

Testo Private Plane – Husker Du

Testo della canzone Private Plane degli Husker Du Album: You ask how far the farthest star is To go by bus or to go by car is Way too far, you couldn’t say You won’t get there anyway He says it takes a private plane But you could never get back to your feet again Unless you break… Leggi »