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Testo Shit Gets Ugly – Ja Rule

Testo della canzone Shit Gets Ugly di Ja Rule Album: [Tah Murdah] Perminently dedicated to the street shit Creep the gat that spit quick And fuck with Killers who keep clips to heat shit When there’s murder involved There’s a lot of niggaz bluffin Holdin an arsenal of guns and never bustin Screamin at the top of they… Leggi »

Testo The Rain – Ja Rule

Testo della canzone The Rain di Ja Rule Album: [Ja Rule: Talking] We ‘bout to do the damn thing, you know Roll that shit up, pop that shit Pass that quarter, nigga Haha, it’s the CMC [Chorus 2x] Everybody wanna fly, hiiigh Aim for the hills now The Rain go drip on down, Sugar All over you, heeey… Leggi »

Testo Blood In My Eye – JA RULE

Testo della canzone Blood In My Eye di JA RULE Album: (feat. Hussein Fatal) [Intro Hussein Fatal] And what ever it is then that’s what is gonna be nigga Hussein Fatal, the outlaw don, Blood In My Eyes Shyea’, Triple O stand up, Got your mind’s back right Jerse’s mobbin’ these cowards all the time You know gunning… Leggi »

Testo Rock Star – JA RULE

Testo della canzone Rock Star di JA RULE Album: Yeah, hehe [Ja imitating guitar] Eh, uh, uh – here we go Yea, yea Murder Inc, uh, uh – classic shit Yea y’all I’m a rock star bay-bayyyyy (yea) [coughs] Fuckin with these niggaz! [laughs] Yeahhh, yea, yea, uhh [Chorus: Ja Rule] I’m a rock star bay-bayyyyy If they… Leggi »

Testo Mesmerize(feat. Ashanti – JA RULE

Testo della canzone Mesmerize(feat. Ashanti di JA RULE Album: Miscellaneous Haha, yeah Whattup ma? How you been Yeah I know, I know, hehe It’s all good.. (Murder Inc.) [Chorus: Ja Rule + (Ashanti)] Girl your stare, those eyes I (love it when you look at me baby) Your lips, your smile I (love it when you kiss me… Leggi »

Testo Back Up – Ja Rule

Testo della canzone Back Up di Ja Rule Album: [Da Brat] (JD) This a test (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh This ain’t no test (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh It’s the real shit (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh Yeah (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh (Bounce) uh-oh (bounce) [Da Brat] (JD) If you can feel it in your back… Leggi »

Testo Holla Holla (Remix) – Ja Rule

Testo della canzone Holla Holla (Remix) di Ja Rule Album: [Ja Rule] IT’S MURDA! [Jay-Z] Yeah yeah, Hova Hova We takin over soldier, told ya it’s murdaa I’m here for that paper playa, fuck one time I’m here ta break ya playa one nine Make ya scream and holla partner When I block ya partner When I squeeze… Leggi »

Testo The Only Begotten Son – Ja Rule

Testo della canzone The Only Begotten Son di Ja Rule Album: He who believeth in Ja Shall not be condemned But he that believeth not Is condemned already Only because He has not believed In the man and the only begotten son My Lord For he so feared the world He left his only begotten son To shed… Leggi »

Testo I Hate Niggaz (Skit) – Ja Rule

Testo della canzone I Hate Niggaz (Skit) di Ja Rule Album: Ja Rule- It must be the way that I spit shit That make you say damn this nigga ridiculous The way I hit ‘em and move nigga I can’t lose Inconspicuous incognito niggas ain’t ready For whoever who has the flow nigga know I spit deadly Fear… Leggi »