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Testo Shit Gets Ugly – Ja Rule

Testo della canzone Shit Gets Ugly di Ja Rule Album: [Tah Murdah] Perminently dedicated to the street shit Creep the gat that spit quick And fuck with Killers who keep clips to heat shit When there’s murder involved There’s a lot of niggaz bluffin Holdin an arsenal of guns and never bustin Screamin at the top of they… Leggi »

Testo The Rain – Ja Rule

Testo della canzone The Rain di Ja Rule Album: [Ja Rule: Talking] We ‘bout to do the damn thing, you know Roll that shit up, pop that shit Pass that quarter, nigga Haha, it’s the CMC [Chorus 2x] Everybody wanna fly, hiiigh Aim for the hills now The Rain go drip on down, Sugar All over you, heeey… Leggi »

Testo Blood In My Eye – JA RULE

Testo della canzone Blood In My Eye di JA RULE Album: (feat. Hussein Fatal) [Intro Hussein Fatal] And what ever it is then that’s what is gonna be nigga Hussein Fatal, the outlaw don, Blood In My Eyes Shyea’, Triple O stand up, Got your mind’s back right Jerse’s mobbin’ these cowards all the time You know gunning… Leggi »

Testo Rock Star – JA RULE

Testo della canzone Rock Star di JA RULE Album: Yeah, hehe [Ja imitating guitar] Eh, uh, uh – here we go Yea, yea Murder Inc, uh, uh – classic shit Yea y’all I’m a rock star bay-bayyyyy (yea) [coughs] Fuckin with these niggaz! [laughs] Yeahhh, yea, yea, uhh [Chorus: Ja Rule] I’m a rock star bay-bayyyyy If they… Leggi »

Testo Back Up – Ja Rule

Testo della canzone Back Up di Ja Rule Album: [Da Brat] (JD) This a test (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh This ain’t no test (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh It’s the real shit (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh Yeah (Bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh (Bounce) uh-oh (bounce) [Da Brat] (JD) If you can feel it in your back… Leggi »