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Testo The INC is Back – Ja Rule

Testo della canzone The INC is Back di Ja Rule Album: [Intro – Shadow – talking] Geah, Lou turn it up a little bit nigga (rowdy I see you nigga) Yeah (Queens) Yo this Shadow in this motherfucker (holla) Representin Hoodstock (Hussein) The Stock Family nigga (yeah) Haha, and its a motherfuckin takeover (geah, Ferrari Black) We invested… Leggi »

Testo Connected – JA RULE

Testo della canzone Connected di JA RULE Album: (feat. Crooked I, Eastwood) Woooooo Murder Inc Motherfucker [Chorus] We world wide connected, and ya’ll don’t want to fuck with us In the streets we respected, so ya’ll don’t want to fuck wit us World wide connected nigga, ya’ll don’t want to fuck wit us We gangster ass niggaz and… Leggi »

Testo The Murderers – JA RULE

Testo della canzone The Murderers di JA RULE Album: [Black Child] Word to god Y’all know who the fuck this is You know we would kidnap yo kidz You know what the fuck we do Murder bitch niggaz like you For real, all the time, any place, anywhere Y’all niggaz could get it Act like y’all don’t know… Leggi »

Testo Murda 4 Life – JA RULE

Testo della canzone Murda 4 Life di JA RULE Album: Yeah. What y’all niggaz want street shit, Memph Bleek shit, Ja rule shit You heard nigga It’s all real in the field nigga [Chorus] Niggaz live wit it, money drugs and murdah for life Bitches deal with it, only lovin them hoes for the night If your feeling… Leggi »