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Testo Ready Or Not – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone Ready Or Not di JACKSON BROWNE Album: Someone’s going to have to explain it to me I’m not sure what it means My baby’s feeling funny in the morning She’s having trouble getting into her jeans Her waist-line seems to be expanding Although she never feels like eating a thing I guess we’ll reach some… Leggi »

Testo My Personal Revenge – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone My Personal Revenge di JACKSON BROWNE Album: (Tomas Borge and Louis Enrique Mejia Godoy, english translation by Jorge Calderon) My personal revenge will be the right Of our children in the schools and in the gardens My personal revenge will be to give you This song which has flourished without panic My personal revenge will… Leggi »

Testo Alive In The World – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone Alive In The World di JACKSON BROWNE Album: I want to live in the world, not inside my head I want to live in the world, I want to stand and be counted With the hopeful and the willing With the open and the strong With the voices in the darkness Fashioning daylight out of… Leggi »

Testo Soldier Of Plenty – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone Soldier Of Plenty di JACKSON BROWNE Album: God is great, God is good He guards your neighborhood Though it’s generally understood Not quite the way you would You try to take the slack Stay awake and watch his back But something happens every now and then And someone breaks into the promised land Ah boy… Leggi »

Testo The Next Voice You Hear – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone The Next Voice You Hear di JACKSON BROWNE Album: Gather your deeds and your possessions, Whatever certainty you’ve known, Forget your heroes, You don’t really need those last few lessons. Stand in the open; The next voice you hear will be your own. Well alright, they knew how they could hurt you, And you let… Leggi »

Testo For A Rocker – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone For A Rocker di JACKSON BROWNE Album: Open the door, baby turn on the light We’re gonna have a party tonight For a rocker For a rocker I know it’s late and you’re already down You ain’t ready for people around I’m gonna tell you something I found out Whatever you think your life is… Leggi »

Testo UNLOVED – Jackson Browne

Testo della canzone UNLOVED di Jackson Browne Album: Miscellaneous There will be no consolation prize this time the bone is broken clean no baptism, no reprise and no sweet taste of victory All the stars have fallen from the sky And everything else in between Satellites have closed their eyes The moon has gone to sleep Unloved… unloved…… Leggi »