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Testo CALL IT A LOAN – Jackson Browne

Testo della canzone CALL IT A LOAN di Jackson Browne Album: Miscellaneous In the morning when I closed my eyes You were sleeping in paradise And while the room was growing light I was holding still with all my might Oh–what if it’s true …What my heart says Oh–what’ll I do What if this feeling becomes hard to… Leggi »

Testo Ah, But Sometimes – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone Ah, But Sometimes di JACKSON BROWNE Album: I’m a moody and swirling pool, lost in some dark wood Angry at a million things and more I can do no good Ah, but sometimes – Sometimes I’m a growing blade of grass Washed by the rain, bent by the wind I’m a deeply wounded lonely tree… Leggi »

Testo Love Me, Lovely – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone Love Me, Lovely di JACKSON BROWNE Album: Lovely, lovely, did you see me Just as I was crying Love me lovely, make it easy What I say is hard but I am trying Lovely, lovely, can you hear me Listen to my singing Love me lovely, while you’re near me Try and understand the thought… Leggi »

Testo Unloved
(feat. Jann Arden) – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone Unloved(feat. Jann Arden) di JACKSON BROWNE Album: (Jann Arden) [Performed by Jann Arden and Jackson Browne from her album Living Under June ] There will be no consolation prize this time the bone is broken clean no baptism, no reprise and no sweet taste of victory All the stars have fallen from the sky And… Leggi »

Testo Information Wars – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone Information Wars di JACKSON BROWNE Album: Give us twenty minutes and we’ll give you the world We bring good things to life The news you need from people you can count on Doing what we do best The heartbeat of America Your true voice You’re in good hands Now more than ever before And in… Leggi »

Testo Culver Moon – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone Culver Moon di JACKSON BROWNE Album: I live in a small town . . . deep in LA About five miles north of where the Lakers play Everybody here’s from someplace else Working all together just like Santa’s elves Baby, Culver me And I’ll Culver you When the streets are shining with the smoggy dew… Leggi »

Testo All Good Things – JACKSON BROWNE

Testo della canzone All Good Things di JACKSON BROWNE Album: All good things got to come to an end The thrills have to fade Before they come ‘round again The bills will be paid And the pleasure will mend All good things got to come to an end God I wish I was home Laying ‘round with my… Leggi »