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Testo Romancia – James Taylor

Testo della canzone Romancia di James Taylor Album: There sha was a vision of beauty Darky as the midnight sky When she turned and looked at me I was frozen by the look in her eyes It was love at first sight So we dance thru the night I’ll never be the same Was it too good to… Leggi »

Testo Fading Away – JAMES TAYLOR

Testo della canzone Fading Away di JAMES TAYLOR Album: When I’ve got something to say, well, don’t I always let you know? So that you and I can go my way together. And if I get carried away, well, I could be sailing on a song and maybe we could carry on forever. But lately this old dog… Leggi »

Testo Carolina In My Mind – James Taylor

Testo della canzone Carolina In My Mind di James Taylor Album: In my mind I’m goin’ to Carolina Can’t you see the sunshine Can’t you just feel the moonshine Ain’t it just like a friend of mine It hit me from behind Yes I’m gone to Carolina in my mind Karen she’s a silver sun You best walk… Leggi »

Testo You Make It Easy – JAMES TAYLOR

Testo della canzone You Make It Easy di JAMES TAYLOR Album: Gosh almighty baby, yes, indeed. You supply the satisfy and I’ll supply the need. I can’t help the way I feel though I know just where it leads, you make it easy, yes you do, for a man to fall, for a man to fall. Heaven knows… Leggi »

Testo B. S. U. R. – JAMES TAYLOR

Testo della canzone B. S. U. R. di JAMES TAYLOR Album: She’s been holding on too long hoping I’m gonna change. Giving it up just a little bit more each time I come home, looking and acting strange. Putting her down for putting up with me. Be as you are, as you see, as I am, I am.… Leggi »

Testo Your Smiling Face – James Taylor

Testo della canzone Your Smiling Face di James Taylor Album: Jt Whenever I see your smiling face I have to smile myself Because I love you, yes I do And when you give me that pretty little pout It turns me inside out There’s something about you, baby I don’t know Isn’t it amazing a man like me… Leggi »

Testo October Road – James Taylor

Testo della canzone October Road di James Taylor Album: October Road Well I’m-a going back down maybe one more time Deep down home, October Road And I might like to see that little friend of mine That I left behind once upon a time Oh, promised land and me still standing It’s a test of time It’s a… Leggi »

Testo Jump Up Behind Me – JAMES TAYLOR

Testo della canzone Jump Up Behind Me di JAMES TAYLOR Album: This land is a lovely green, it reminds me of my own home. Such children I’ve seldom seen, even in my own home. The sky is so bright and clean, just like my home. Kind people as have ever been, won’t you take me back to my… Leggi »

Testo One Man Parade – JAMES TAYLOR

Testo della canzone One Man Parade di JAMES TAYLOR Album: Do believe I’m gonna clap my hands, think I might tap my feet. Put together a one-man band, take a walk on down the street. Have a one-man parade, nobody needs to know. Cause I’m right good of holding on to secrets and don’t believe they show. All… Leggi »

Testo COUNTRY ROAD – James Taylor

Testo della canzone COUNTRY ROAD di James Taylor Album: Take to the highway won’t you lend me your name Your way and my way seem to be one and the same Mamma don’t understand it She wants to know where I’ve been I’d have to be some kind of natural born fool To want to pass that way… Leggi »