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Testo Where Have You Been – Jay-Z

Testo della canzone Where Have You Been di Jay-Z Album: The Dynasty Roc La Familia (feat. Beanie Sigel) [Beanie Sigel] Damn how am I gonna say this shit? hey… hey dad, yeah it’s your boy remember me? I wanna talk to you scrap I remember being kicked out the house ‘cause I looked just like you Said I’d… Leggi »

Testo Streets is Talking – Jay-Z

Testo della canzone Streets is Talking di Jay-Z Album: The Dynasty Roc La Familia (feat. Beanie Sigel) [Jay-Z] Is he a Blood, is he Crip? Is he that, is he this? Did he do it? Y’know, ehh Look.. If I shoot you, I’m brainless Different toilet, same shit, and I’m sick of explainin this I’m waitin on arraignment,… Leggi »

Testo Who You Wit – Jay-Z

Testo della canzone Who You Wit di Jay-Z Album: Miscellaneous Uh-huh, yeah hah Never sprung huh? Jigga, Roc-a-Fella y’all Never sprung huh? Yeah, peep the repertoire Peoples, feel me on this one Peoples, feel this Never sprung huh? Know my style I love bitches, thug bitches, shy bitches Rough bitches, don’t matter you my bitches Gold diggers witcha… Leggi »

Testo All of My Days – Jay-Z

Testo della canzone All of My Days di Jay-Z Album: Miscellaneous Jay-Z] Changing Faces, Jay-Z, R. Kelly Yeah, check her Uh huh, Changing faces How we do Yo, all of my rhymes fall All of my days I trade All of my dimes and all of my bad ways I fade Killing late nights cruisin’ All you see… Leggi »

Testo Crew Love – Jay-Z

Testo della canzone Crew Love di Jay-Z Album: Unknown * the version on Belly has an extra verse [Memphis] Yeah, check it Yo yeah I smoke weed now I don’t give a fuck And I also tote guns in case my dram pop up It’s crew love I spit two at every few thugs Fo doves blow dubs… Leggi »