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Testo Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime – Jewel

Testo della canzone Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime di Jewel Album: Miscellaneous Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime Jewel (This Way) Mary heard boys talkin’ in voices low Saying she weren’t no spring chicken Like she didn’t already know So she called up Jack from a few years back She turned him down once in his one-room shack She said, Now… Leggi »

Testo Let Them In – Jewel

Testo della canzone Let Them In di Jewel Album: [edwin] Let them in, peter For they are very tight Give them couches where the angels sleep And let those free Let them wake up whole again To brand new dreams And fired by the sun Not wartimes bloody guns And may their peace be deep Remember where the… Leggi »

Testo Youre in Cleveland Today – Jewel

Testo della canzone Youre in Cleveland Today di Jewel Album: When walking underneath the shadows Where dark and sweet secrets lay When night tonight falls gently down Hearts helplessly fall to the ground Underneath a velvet sky Only words can lie [chorus] I wanna tell*(play) you everything I wanna make your toes curl You be my only boy… Leggi »

Testo V 12 Cadillac – Jewel

Testo della canzone V 12 Cadillac di Jewel Album: Miscellaneous He´s lonely and he cruises real low That´s my V-12 Cadillac, you know he´s on the go On down to the ocean, oh, surfboard by my side He´s my V-12 Cadillac with delux power glide I check the ocean, yeah, from atop of the hill We´re going surfing… Leggi »

Testo Chime Bells – Jewel

Testo della canzone Chime Bells di Jewel Album: Miscellaneous Up on a mountain so gay and so free..huh huh There is a young man and he’s waiting there for me Out on the lake, we’ll drift with the tide And hear those chime bells ring Chime bells are ringing…y Mockingbirds they’re singing…y Hush, little lover…y Up on a… Leggi »

Testo Winter Song – Jewel

Testo della canzone Winter Song di Jewel Album: Miscellaneous Turn to me with frozen lips Your hands are icy cold Your eyes burn bright Against the frost lit sky You never seemed more lovely than you do tonight Pale on the horizon Like leaves frozen in the snow Two bodies merging seperately Time stands still If its pierced… Leggi »

Testo No More Heartaches – Jewel

Testo della canzone No More Heartaches di Jewel Album: Miscellaneous Shut up, sweetheart, I want you to hear I can no longer love the same thing I fear I can no longer let myself stay close To the one thing that hurts me the most I will not kiss the thorn Hearts don’t need to bleed to know… Leggi »

Testo Run 2 U – JEWEL

Testo della canzone Run 2 U di JEWEL Album: Miscellaneous Hey little baby, little lover boy Get in my arms, give me some joy I wanna hold u tonight It’ll be alright ‘Cause the night is long and I hunt for u In this darkest hour, where have u gone 2? Won’t u come 2 my side I… Leggi »

Testo o little town of bethlehem – Jewel

Testo della canzone o little town of bethlehem di Jewel Album: Joy: A Holiday Collection o little town of bethlehem / how still we see thee lie! / above thy deep and dreamless sleep / the silent stars go by / yet in thy dark streets shineth / the ever lasting light / the hopes and fears of… Leggi »

Testo Fade Away – Jewel

Testo della canzone Fade Away di Jewel Album: Its k-mart, the bathroom Im staring in the mirror The green lights are bright It makes the lines clearer Heard the angel go Cigarette smokes all thats left Ive traded in my wings for a string of pearls And now the string is all Ive left The light bulbs burn… Leggi »