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Testo Living For You – Joan Armatrading

Testo della canzone Living For You di Joan Armatrading Album: If you could only see Just what you mean to me You would never ever Pass me by You would take my number And you’d call me up You would never ever make me cry ‘Cos you know That I’m living for you baby You know That it’s… Leggi »

Testo Stronger Love – Joan Armatrading

Testo della canzone Stronger Love di Joan Armatrading Album: You won’t le me Meet all your friends you say It’s for the best But my instincts I always follow I believe You’re jealous You use words Like a weapon You want to Cut me down Cut me down Your affection Leaves an emptiness I need stronger love Stronger… Leggi »

Testo Always – Joan Armatrading

Testo della canzone Always di Joan Armatrading Album: You never say I love you You have to add Always And if I cry You wipe the tears away You say you’ll be here darling Always But always is a long long time And time can change so much I want to stay with you Always Oh the gifts… Leggi »

Testo Don Juan – Joan Armatrading

Testo della canzone Don Juan di Joan Armatrading Album: I want that very special love You hold on to I want that passion I won’t play with words You could be Don Juan You could fire my desire And you do I want to hear I’m very special I want to be the first thing that comes To… Leggi »

Testo Show Some Emotion – Joan Armatrading

Testo della canzone Show Some Emotion di Joan Armatrading Album: Show some emotion Put expression in your eyes Light up If you’re feeling happy But if it’s bad Then let those ears roll down Some people hurting Someone choking up inside Some poor souls dying Too proud to say They got no place to lie And there’s people… Leggi »

Testo Simon – Joan Armatrading

Testo della canzone Simon di Joan Armatrading Album: He’s from Ohio Lives with his mother He loves the woman Who loves his brother What can he do now As she walks across the floor Here comes his brother Walking sideways through the door Was the same at school He played the fool Or took a back seat While… Leggi »

Testo Opportunity – Joan Armatrading

Testo della canzone Opportunity di Joan Armatrading Album: Opportunity Came to my door When I was down On my luck In the shape Of an old friend With a plan Guaranteed Showed me the papers As he walked me to the car His shoes Finest leather He said You could wear this style Follow my advice He owned… Leggi »

Testo Romancers – Joan Armatrading

Testo della canzone Romancers di Joan Armatrading Album: Every day, my friends say Im in the worst kind of trouble But they talk in vain, I aint listening, I listen too often Where they get their wisdom I shall never know, And I cant believe my ears Theres fifty people telling me to give it up, But I… Leggi »

Testo Square The Circle – Joan Armatrading

Testo della canzone Square The Circle di Joan Armatrading Album: You lean your back against the wall Push your hands in your pocket You look down Pacing the floor You look out the window Beyond the view Shake your body As if against the cold Your mind wanders Tell me what you’re trying to say Tell me what… Leggi »

Testo Peace In Mind – Joan Armatrading

Testo della canzone Peace In Mind di Joan Armatrading Album: Slow to be angered Quick to forgive No jealous state am I in Some people get satisfaction From being and bringing down But you know pleasant things Are still gonna happen If you’re fun Or wear a frown So go on with your plan I thought you were… Leggi »