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Testo Haunted – King Diamond

Testo della canzone Haunted di King Diamond Album: Fatal Portrait ======= (music: Michael Denner & King Diamond; lyrics: King Diamond) Stay Away, Molly’s Soul Keeps Returning Every Night To The Attic Shrine Never Alone, Living Dolls Out Of Nowhere Crying Out: Mommy Why The House Is Forver Haunted Nothing You Can Do Molly Is Living There With Her… Leggi »

Testo Abigail – King Diamond

Testo della canzone Abigail di King Diamond Album: Miscellaneous Abigail! I know you’re in control of her brain, Abigail! And I know that you’re the one that’s speaking through her, Abigail! Miriam, can you hear me?? I am alive inside your wife. Miriam’s dead. I am her head…. Abigail! Don’t you think I know what you’ve done, Abigail?!… Leggi »