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Testo I Still Love You – Kiss

Testo della canzone I Still Love You dei Kiss Album: Creatures Of The Night You tell me that you’re leaving, and I’m trying to understand I had myself believing I should take it like a man But if you gotta go, then you gotta know that it’s killing me And all the things I never seem to show,… Leggi »

Testo Charisma – Kiss

Testo della canzone Charisma dei Kiss Album: Dynasty Is it my fortune or my fame Is it my money or my name Is it my personality Or just my sexuality, yeah, yeah What is my charisma What is my charisma, yeah Is it my body or my brain Do I drive you insane, ha Is it the power… Leggi »

Testo Burning Up With Fever – Kiss

Testo della canzone Burning Up With Fever dei Kiss Album: Gene Simmons I’m the gift and giver, not a woman mistreater, you know that is no one else You can have me just one time baby, she said Baby, I’ll give you a chance, ‘cos I’m Burning up with fever, and you’re the fever inside I’m burning up… Leggi »

Testo Room Service – Kiss

Testo della canzone Room Service dei Kiss Album: Dressed To Kill I’m feelin’ low, no place to go And I’m a-thinking that I’m gonna scream Because a hotel all alone is not a Rock and roll star’s dream But just when I’m about to shut the light and go to bed A lady calls and asks if I’m… Leggi »

Testo Young And Wasted – Kiss

Testo della canzone Young And Wasted dei Kiss Album: Lick It Up Like a fly to a spider, you’re under the spell It’s the game and the liar, for those who toll the bell You’re more than just a name, you fight for the right Like a moth to a flame, you see the bait you bite You’re… Leggi »

Testo Thunder In My Heart – Kiss

Testo della canzone Thunder In My Heart dei Kiss Album: Miscellaneous Unreleased 1981 Strong desire takes control of me tonight I’m on fire, you know I’d sell my soul tonight All I want is one more try I can’t take any more It’s killing me now But I still here it cry And it sounds like thunder in… Leggi »

Testo Hard Luck Woman – Kiss

Testo della canzone Hard Luck Woman dei Kiss Album: Rock And Roll Over If never I met you I’d never have seen you cry If not for our first Hello We’d never have to say goodbye If never I held you My feelin’s would never show It’s time I start walkin’ But there’s so much you’ll never know… Leggi »

Testo Rock And Roll All Nite (live) – Kiss

Testo della canzone Rock And Roll All Nite (live) dei Kiss Album: Miscellaneous ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE (Live) KISS (Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons) You show us everything you’ve got You keep on dancin’ and the room gets hot And you drive us wild, we’ll drive you crazy And you say you wanna go for a spin The… Leggi »

Testo Master and Slave – Kiss

Testo della canzone Master and Slave dei Kiss Album: Carnival Of Souls Life, a movie in my head A page of lines we read The words remain unsaid Time, a race you never win Look back at where we’ve been And throw the towel in Every time I see a sign Tell me what’s the bottom line Tell… Leggi »

Testo Uh All Night – Kiss

Testo della canzone Uh All Night dei Kiss Album: Asylum Everywhere around the world Everybody’s doin’ time Freedom comes at 5:15 Prison starts at quarter to nine It takes a hard workin’ lover To keep on towin’ the line I’ll meet you under the covers I get excited, I’m so excited Well, we work all day And we… Leggi »