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Testo High Society – Kottonmouth Kings

Testo della canzone High Society di Kottonmouth Kings Album: Royal Highness Now, don’t get me wrong the 10 Commandments is cool, See once upon a time I too believed in the Golden Rule Unemployment figures at an all time high (?) nation dwindled, so the (saut?) swindle Got tossed the fuck out the window. You know what I’m… Leggi »

Testo Dirt Slang – Kottonmouth Kings

Testo della canzone Dirt Slang di Kottonmouth Kings Album: Royal Highness Yo man I got some sick ass shit, I got all kinds of bongs. I got fuckin, I got paramaxes, I got graffix I got all the dope shit I got superbowls, I got fuckin skunk weed, I got skillz, listen I’ll get me on the court,… Leggi »

Testo Wicket Klownz – Kottonmouth Kings

Testo della canzone Wicket Klownz di Kottonmouth Kings Album: High Society Kottonmouth Kings, Insane Clown Posse!! When I get to California… (It’s on!!) When I get there… (Suburban Noize!!) When I get to California… Hook me up with one of them chicks, (Psychoathic!!) And when you get to the Mid-West… I’ll hook you up with a Juggalette Y’all!… Leggi »


Testo della canzone Bi-Polar di KOTTONMOUTH KINGS Album: Miscellaneous Wasted away trapped in their maze gotta get out My punk rocks dirty my hip hops clean one side has rust the other triple beam one side is crazy phat the others pissed and mean half of mes got problems the other lives a dream well im bi polar… Leggi »

Testo Bong Tokin Alcoholics – Kottonmouth Kings

Testo della canzone Bong Tokin Alcoholics di Kottonmouth Kings Album: My mission the commission of the dishin’ out for facts Cuz when I’m dimin’ my rhymin’ never slacks, never lacks So get back to the basics and face it The American dream ain’t what it seems With lies they’ve laced it Can’t you taste it? See they baste… Leggi »

Testo Magic Bus (intro) – Kottonmouth Kings

Testo della canzone Magic Bus (intro) di Kottonmouth Kings Album: a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,lmno,p haha, who’s a rockstar? i am a rockstar…??hahahaha (all aboard!) bye, i love you say goodbye to the magic bus..?? hahahahaha, somebody open the window (all aboard!all aboard!) DaddyX so if your down the road with us, burn an ounce, take a hit come and go with… Leggi »

Testo Legalize Freedom – Kottonmouth Kings

Testo della canzone Legalize Freedom di Kottonmouth Kings Album: [Daddy X 4x] The sun, the sun, the sun will come Legalize, legalize freedom So we can all live as one [background] Can you stop the flow of marijuana? [Daddy X] Rise up [D-LOC] When we gonna? [Daddy X] Rise up [D-LOC] Everybody [Daddy X] Rise up [D-LOC] When… Leggi »

Testo Night Life – Kottonmouth Kings

Testo della canzone Night Life di Kottonmouth Kings Album: Hidden Stash Night life, hey girlie don’t ya frown That’s right, Saint’s parents are outta town Night life, and you know we’re gonna do it right That’s right, cuz kottonmouths in the house tonight Well I’m sittin at Saint’s, gettin’ ready for the party Sippin’ on a tall cat… Leggi »