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Testo People Of The Lie – Kreator

Testo della canzone People Of The Lie dei Kreator Album: Don’t look at me as if I didn’t know Your vanity is all you ever show What you believe and advocate Fanatic dogma recycled from yesterday Got a master plan Genocide Can’t understand People of the lie You are to me the waste of flesh and blood I’d… Leggi »

Testo Enemy unseen – Kreator

Testo della canzone Enemy unseen dei Kreator Album: So you think it’s over now There’s one thing you forgot about The voice inside your head gets loud Chews you up and spits you out Enemy Unseen Out of the underground Enemy unseen Disorder all around So you think it’s over now There’s one thing you forgot about This… Leggi »


Testo della canzone NONCONFORMIST dei Kreator Album: What is yours, it ain’t mine Become a capitalist and follow blind Staring into empty eyes I can’t see no more truth behind those lies I don’t believe I don’t agree I’m the one you fear forever… Nonconformist Count the days that pass you by Minds erased, the individual dies Conform… Leggi »

Testo AGAINST THE REST – Kreator

Testo della canzone AGAINST THE REST dei Kreator Album: Like a world religion Like a perfect product of your fantasy Embracing me, no rules no leaders Just the purest power of integrity All i can see Still a spark rising Deep down in your chest Comprimise would equal Submission to your emptiness Stand Together Against The Rest Together… Leggi »

Testo FOREVER – Kreator

Testo della canzone FOREVER dei Kreator Album: Forever torn apart Forever gone Forever things will come Back to the start Forever honesty Forever gone Forever trust to me There can’t be none Though you don’t comply at all There’s a way out of this hole As the shadow breaks the crust Your soul is mine Forever Forever senseless… Leggi »

Testo Future king – Kreator

Testo della canzone Future king dei Kreator Album: All seen before it goes on forever more This time your truth just offers nothing new Walking down the empty streets of never-ending tragedy Nothing here can touch my heart this loneliness tears me apart Beneath the dark deep ocean Prepare the gathering Pray for the saviour’s coming A glorius… Leggi »

Testo Endorama – Kreator

Testo della canzone Endorama dei Kreator Album: This is the end of all life’s suffering This is the end of all life’s pain Fear, destruction, greed, exists no longer Nothings left now nothing can remain It’s getting closer Follow my friend Endorama is crushing you This the end Expect no mercy Just understand Endorama comes for you This… Leggi »

Testo Willing spirit – Kreator

Testo della canzone Willing spirit dei Kreator Album: After death has taken you from life You have come to me in the night The aura of an ancient beauty shining through Like a goddess of fallen grace I’m longing for your souls embrace And all that life has lost i’ve found in you The spirit is willing the… Leggi »

Testo Son Of Evil – Kreator

Testo della canzone Son Of Evil dei Kreator Album: Masquarade as he rides through the night Blitzkrieg torture blade shining bright In his eyes dreams of pain As he kills the lovely shame Messengers from fiery will Speaking out what no one will Violence for the virgin Death falls from his bloody skin Deny the father deny the… Leggi »

Testo Mental Slavery – Kreator

Testo della canzone Mental Slavery dei Kreator Album: Land of solitude A place of horror dark and cruel There’s no need to seek the truth Opinions are provided for you Innocence of youth Full of visionary fantasies From subconscious laboratories Try to break the chains of barbarity Servants to mother machine Nursed by video screens Paradise of insanity… Leggi »