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Testo Dixie Chicken – Little Feat

Testo della canzone Dixie Chicken dei Little Feat Album: Waiting For Columbus Ive seen the bright lights of Memphis And the Commodore Hotel And underneath a street lamp, i met a southern belle Oh she took me to the river, where she cast her spell And in that southern moonlight, she sang this song so well If youll… Leggi »

Testo Trouble – Little Feat

Testo della canzone Trouble dei Little Feat Album: Sailin’ Shoes Lowell George You yelled hey when your car wouldn’t start So you got real nervous and started to eat your heart out Now you’re so fat your shoes don’t fit on your feat You got trouble And it’s tailor made Well mama lay your head down in the… Leggi »

Testo Down in Flames – Little Feat

Testo della canzone Down in Flames dei Little Feat Album: Shake Me Up Bill Payne, Martin Kibbee, Paul Barrere, Craig Fuller, Neon Park Sister sister, she rides so easily Like some sidewalk angel, like a sail out on the sea Far out on my horizon, she slips away from me Here with my momento and her air of… Leggi »

Testo Walkin All Night – Little Feat

Testo della canzone Walkin All Night dei Little Feat Album: Dixie Chicken Payne, Barrere Well she was plantin’ her feet on the sidewalk Listenin’ for signs of the small talk Waitin’, hesitatin’, got tired of all that waitin’ Decided to walk around – that blonde bull She’s been waitin’ once again on the home town There ain’t enough… Leggi »

Testo Silver Screen – Little Feat

Testo della canzone Silver Screen dei Little Feat Album: Representing the Mambo Bill Payne, Paul Barrere, Fred Tackett Every night she sits there TV blasting in her face People runnin’ runnin’ to and fro, it’s such a frantic pace But in her hand she’s got control, remote as that may seem A certifiable obsession a broadcast malady When… Leggi »

Testo Listen to Your Heart – Little Feat

Testo della canzone Listen to Your Heart dei Little Feat Album: Let It Roll Craig Fuller, Bill Payne Lookin’ out on the evening light You see the lightnin’ and the thunder rollin’ in As you strain to keep that setting sun in sight Ya start to get that Summer feelin’ back again of a time lost in illusion… Leggi »

Testo Shake Me Up – Little Feat

Testo della canzone Shake Me Up dei Little Feat Album: Shake Me Up Bill Payne, Martin Kibbee, Paul Barrere, Craig Fuller Jump start my heart I’m all broke down Hot wired and short of cash just outside of town Roll the dice, I’ll take the chance Played out… there ain’t no doubt I need a new romance Seems… Leggi »

Testo Old Folks Boogie – Little Feat

Testo della canzone Old Folks Boogie dei Little Feat Album: Time Loves A Hero Paul Barrere, Gabriel Paul Barrere Off our rockers, actin’ crazy With the right medication we won’t be lazy Doin’ the old folks boogie Down on the farm Wheelchairs, they was locked arm in arm Paired off pacemakers with matchin’ alarms Gives us jus’ one… Leggi »