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Testo Any Day Now – Luther Vandross

Testo della canzone Any Day Now di Luther Vandross Album: Any day, you’ll be gone, oh yeah Any day, you’ll be gone Any day now I will hear you say goodbye my love Then you’ll be on your way Then my wild beautiful bird, you will have flown Any day now, I’ll be alone I know that, hey,… Leggi »

Testo Right In The Middle – Luther Vandross

Testo della canzone Right In The Middle di Luther Vandross Album: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get the same old stuff Life can treat you good, then turn as cold as ice And believe me when I tell you This thing called love, for sure, is like most things in life Not all… Leggi »

Testo Can Heaven Wait – Luther Vandross

Testo della canzone Can Heaven Wait di Luther Vandross Album: Quarter after seven, got a phone call Telling me to get here quick Said your girl is in a bad situation They don’t know if she’s gonna make it As I hurry to be by her side I ask a thousand times, why oh why There’s no rhyme… Leggi »