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Testo Baptized – Macabre

Testo della canzone Baptized di Macabre Album: Jeffrey Found Religon In His Life And He Wanted To Be Baptized In The Prison Whirlpool He Was Baptized Minister Roy Ratcliff Performed The Rites Tutte le canzoni di Macabre

Testo David Brom took an axe – Macabre

Testo della canzone David Brom took an axe di Macabre Album: He took an axe And then attacked And away at his family He beagan to hack His dad wouldn’t let him Listen to a hardcore band So here comes David With an axe in his hand Chorus: David Brom killed his dad His mother and brother and… Leggi »

Testo Dr. Holmes (He Stripped Their Bones) – Macabre

Testo della canzone Dr. Holmes (He Stripped Their Bones) di Macabre Album: Just call me Dr. Holmes I’d like to strip your bones But first I’m going to kill you Inside of my black hotel I’ll gas you in your bedroom I’m going to take your life soon Dr. Holmes he stripped their bones To medical students their… Leggi »

Testo Holidays Of Horror – Macabre

Testo della canzone Holidays Of Horror di Macabre Album: Simmons went crazy Murdered sixteen Fourteen of them family He killed them For the holidays Merry Christmas He gunned his family down His bullets were their presents Dead relatives all around Happy New Year One they won’t be here to see It’s the holiday of horror Because of Ronald… Leggi »

Testo Howard Unrah = – Macabre

Testo della canzone Howard Unrah = di Macabre Album: Sinister Slaughter (What Have You Done Now ?!) He was an expert at shooting guns. In the army he had much fun. He had great aim and seldom missed. Killing the Nazis as he made his death list. Howard Unrah what have you done now ?! You took thirteen… Leggi »

Testo The Ted Bundy Song – Macabre

Testo della canzone The Ted Bundy Song di Macabre Album: Sinister Slaughter Ted Bundy) Here’s a story of Ted Bundy, murdered young girls Monday through = Sunday. Lure them into his car, then they wouldn’t see tomorrow. He killed Monday through Sunday, his name was Ted Bundy. He murdered young girls and left them in the woods. He… Leggi »

Testo What the Heck Richard Speck – Macabre

Testo della canzone What the Heck Richard Speck di Macabre Album: (Peter Kurtin) I need a victim to do things sickening, I just want to make you = bleed. My knife is gashing, your blood is splashing. To see your blood is = what I need. I’m going to strangle you and I’ll slit your throat too. I… Leggi »

Testo Trampled To Death – Macabre

Testo della canzone Trampled To Death di Macabre Album: You went to see the Who And the people there trampled you You were underneath their shoes There was nothing you could do Trampled to death at the concert They never left alive Underneath the stomping feet Eleven crushed as they screamed and died They paid to see the… Leggi »

Testo What=b9s That Smell = – Macabre

Testo della canzone What=b9s That Smell = di Macabre Album: Sinister Slaughter (Jeffery Dahmer ) Jeffery lived in Milwaukee with eleven men But they were in pieces because he dismembered them. What=B9s that smell? – did something die The landlord thought that it was coming from outside What=B9s that smell? – that rotten smell It=B9s jeffery Dahmer=B9s apartment… Leggi »