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Testo Blue Skinned Beast – Madness

Testo della canzone Blue Skinned Beast dei Madness Album: The Rise And Fall (Thompson) I can fly you to your loved ones but I can promise no return To a shell-shocked God forsaken where their craters still they burn Have a drink on me Have a drink on me Still the worst is over that I hope you… Leggi »

Testo That Face – Madness

Testo della canzone That Face dei Madness Album: The Rise And Fall (McPherson/Foreman) I see a face that face is mine The mirror marks the changing time Her face I’ll never see again And mine will never be the same That face was fine only yesterday My problems seemed so far away Reflections I see of myself As… Leggi »

Testo Overdone – Madness

Testo della canzone Overdone dei Madness Album: Door Locked Open, Door Locked Shut See you soon, hopefully not I’ve been and gone so many times Without a work I’ve dropped no lines Just look Forward, Never Back Selfish bastard, dicta-brat Please forgive me For the things that I’ve done Don’t feel ashamed If you’re asked hows your son… Leggi »

Testo Prospects – Madness

Testo della canzone Prospects dei Madness Album: Miscellaneous Prospects By Madness. ——————— A train ride Till tuesday A platform far away Scarlet shades of evening Move clouds so grey The waking Ariving The dirty station where He passes crouds of people Who Don’t see him there He’s a desert island man A forgien man who’s cast away Stranded… Leggi »

Testo When Dawn Arrives – Madness

Testo della canzone When Dawn Arrives dei Madness Album: Seven (Thompson/Barson) He hums tonight through his streets, My unlatched window the tune repeats, The kerb-crawling car winds down to a stop. A few seconds mumble then whisks him off. Sick and tired of abuse, Controlled signs of hysteria, But like when dawn arrives, He remembers his leisure. He… Leggi »

Testo Tomorrows Just Another Day – Madness

Testo della canzone Tomorrows Just Another Day dei Madness Album: Trying hard, I thought I’d done my best All my life, I can’t get no rest Some who’ve closed the door before Say I can’t carry on no more. I hear them saying Tomorrow’s just another day I hear them saying And it gets better every day I… Leggi »

Testo Yesterdays Man – Madness

Testo della canzone Yesterdays Man dei Madness Album: An insolent speck of youth Being taken for a walk So tightly by the ear That he can hardly talk Yesterday’s men hang to today To sing in the old-fashioned way It must get better in the long run Has to get better in the long run A metropolitan marathon… Leggi »

Testo Solid Gone – Madness

Testo della canzone Solid Gone dei Madness Album: Absolutely Incomplete (Smash) (Okay Boys, let’s get real solid gone !) Shake it mister And a sister too I’m gonna make ya boogie woogie Gonna rattle in your shoes Boogie with me baby (Boogie boogie) Oh won’t ya boogie with me baby (Boogie boogie) Oh won’t ya boogie with me… Leggi »

Testo Chipmunks Are Go ! – Madness

Testo della canzone Chipmunks Are Go ! dei Madness Album: One Step Beyond (Smash/B. Smyth) One, two, three, four ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR We’re the Chipmunks, hear us roar WE’RE THE CHIPMUNKS, HEAR US ROAR Sound off, CHIPMUNKS Sound off, CHIPMUNKS One, two, three, four ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR One, two, three, four ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR One,… Leggi »

Testo Tarzans Nuts – Madness

Testo della canzone Tarzans Nuts dei Madness Album: Hey you seen jane? No man, ok I’ll catch the train Can you wait a long time? No, we gotta catch a flight Well, that’s roots man No man it’s a fruit So give my stone, I’ll save it for tonight Tutte le canzoni dei Madness