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Testo Embarrasment – Madness

Testo della canzone Embarrasment dei Madness Album: Received a letter just the other day, Don’t seem they wanna know you no more, They’ve laid it down given you their score, Within the first two lines it bluntly read. You’re not to come and see us no more, Keep away from our door, Don’t come ‘round here no more… Leggi »

Testo New Delhi – Madness

Testo della canzone New Delhi dei Madness Album: The Rise And Fall (Barson) New Delhi at three A.M. Just arrived by K.L.M. Left the airport in the heat In the bus strange people meet Driving through the starless night Passing very unusual sights Left the bus at five to five Caught a taxi started to drive He thought… Leggi »

Testo Guns – Madness

Testo della canzone Guns dei Madness Album: (Yoohoo, etc. Oh Hello. Hello.) I read a brand new paper About a man who had a thousand guns Lived in the Southern States Ran away from everyone Felt it wasn’t safe Even in the Southern States I read a brand new paper Walking down my own street The man with… Leggi »

Testo Un Paso Adelante – Madness

Testo della canzone Un Paso Adelante dei Madness Album: Eh, Tu! Deja todo y fijate en esto: El sonido mad marchoso y vacilon que existe actualmente. Si vas por la calle y el cuerpo te pide marcha, no te escapes, escuchalo y vuelvete loco al ritmo del rock canero de Madness: Un Paso Adelante! Tutte le canzoni dei… Leggi »

Testo One Better Day – Madness

Testo della canzone One Better Day dei Madness Album: One Better Day (McPherson/Bedford) Arlington house, address: no fixed abode An old man in a three-piece suit sits in the road He stares across the water, he sees right through the lock But on and up like outstretched hands His mumbled words, his fumbled words, mock Further down, a… Leggi »

Testo Tommorows Dream – Madness

Testo della canzone Tommorows Dream dei Madness Album: A cage of my own, this cage is my home, And oh so alone am I. From above all around helpless to the sound Of my brother’s cry. Just leave us alone, we don’t want to moan, Only if you make us. Smashed on the lock until I’ve had to,… Leggi »

Testo Mr Speaker Gets The Word – Madness

Testo della canzone Mr Speaker Gets The Word dei Madness Album: The Rise And Fall (McPherson/Barson) Wriggles from his captor’s arms Mr speaker gets the word and Running now from the alarms Speaks his mind free as a bird Free now to roam around Stand up straight when he quotes Spread the word that he has found Books… Leggi »

Testo Saturday Night Sunday Morning – Madness

Testo della canzone Saturday Night Sunday Morning dei Madness Album: I knew you’d come back We always do Like thieves Returning to the scene of the crime But did they tell you Everything has changed Just everything Oh, everything has changed Just everything It’s not Saturday Night Sunday Morning There was something else I meant to say It’s… Leggi »

Testo Never Ask Twice Aka Airplane – Madness

Testo della canzone Never Ask Twice Aka Airplane dei Madness Album: Please observe my continental alligator skin line shoulder bag I’ve covered it in stickers from far and wide And stuffed it full of suits and matching ties I’ve travelled on the seas and I’ve travelled on the land And there’s not a single person I can’t understand… Leggi »

Testo Missing You – Madness

Testo della canzone Missing You dei Madness Album: Seven (McPherson/Barson) The sun shines through the open window, The empty sides the shadows shallow My arm circles nothing at all, My fingers reach to touch the wall. Missing you when I’m away, Think of things I’d like to say, Almost cry to hear you voice, Lying with me, Got… Leggi »