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Testo Tears You Cant Hide – Madness

Testo della canzone Tears You Cant Hide dei Madness Album: Now I see tears you can’t hide Carry the world on your back Heavy weights tear you apart Now I see tears you can’t hide Feel in a rage can’t speak up for yourself All that you try to do it’s no good anyway Now I see tears… Leggi »

Testo Pac A Mac – Madness

Testo della canzone Pac A Mac dei Madness Album: Seven (Thompson/Barson) I wear my cap with pride When swaying side to side Indoors where it be crude Too late to find me shrewd. I never lay in doubt When walking from about At home where it be warm You’re sound asleep unborn! I’m a small chap Walk tall… Leggi »

Testo If I Didnt Care – Madness

Testo della canzone If I Didnt Care dei Madness Album: I know there’s time, I know there’s time, I know there’s time, For us, I know there’s time If I didn’t care, Would it be the same? If I didn’t care, Would I feel this way? If this isn’t love, Then why do I thril? And what makes… Leggi »

Testo White Heat – Madness

Testo della canzone White Heat dei Madness Album: Mad Not Mad (McPherson/Smyth) Down between the sunbeams the moneylenders chat Hiding in the shade outside a council flat Kids in the lift looking for things to throw And practising their aim on the heads below They make their apologies with the quickness of their feet Then lost in the… Leggi »

Testo On The Beat Pete – Madness

Testo della canzone On The Beat Pete dei Madness Album: Absolutely On The Beat Pete Up I rush off to work Hello Fred you look half dead and Are you coming are you going I could never do a double shift (Allo Fred get some bed Fred) Hello Steve long time no see I like the Stones still… Leggi »

Testo Mrs Hutchenson – Madness

Testo della canzone Mrs Hutchenson dei Madness Album: Well Mrs. Hutchinson, you’re looking healthy (huh) But just in case, Here’s a pill a remedy. Well Mrs. Hutchinson, this is something, That little upset, I thought I’d diagnosed, Well not to worry, it’s not what I supposed. You better sit down son your mother’s very ill (ah) We may… Leggi »

Testo No Money – Madness

Testo della canzone No Money dei Madness Album: She’d gotten used to the idle life Following the sun was her full-time occupation A lesson to us all Or at least for the education Oh, but look at her now Fox-trotting the globe With her head in the clouds I haven’t got no money To keep this affair afloat… Leggi »

Testo Airplane – Madness

Testo della canzone Airplane dei Madness Album: Please observe my continental alligator skin line shoulder bag I’ve covered it in stickers from far and wide And stuffed it full of suits and matching ties I’ve travelled on the seas and I’ve travelled on the land And there’s not a single person I can’t understand I’ve forgotten the languages… Leggi »

Testo E.R.N.I.E – Madness

Testo della canzone E.R.N.I.E dei Madness Album: I am the bringer of your wishes, Your saviour from doing work, The washer of your dishes,and You’ll still get you mid-day perk. Estate agent, Your mansion and pot of gold, All the home comforts, Before you’re getting tired and old. One more try, Try to get what you’ve never had,… Leggi »

Testo Burning The Boats – Madness

Testo della canzone Burning The Boats dei Madness Album: Mad Not Mad (McPherson/Foreman) The government have announced That London Bridge is to be closed Under the full moon of May the third All the light houses and seaside roads No I never heard I never read in the news Come on tell me, who’s this for ? Lighting… Leggi »