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Testo Brand New Beat – Madness

Testo della canzone Brand New Beat dei Madness Album: More leverage was passed today From the radio I heard him say I fixed another lock on my toilet door House to house checks will commence throughout Looking at my prize possessions Trying to remember which ones I own I could be up for a week’s detention Without a… Leggi »

Testo Embarassment – Madness

Testo della canzone Embarassment dei Madness Album: Received a letter just the other day don’t seem they wanna know you no more they’ve laid it down given you their score within the first two lines it bluntly read You’re not to come see us no more keep away from our door don’t come around here no more what… Leggi »

Testo Tomorrows – Madness

Testo della canzone Tomorrows dei Madness Album: (McPhersonBarson) Waking up again another sleepless night Climbing taller buildings more dreams of flight In a pool of sweat not knowing what to do No more earth-bound feelings a diff’rent point of view Moment of truth he heads towards the building His glazed eyes stare vacantly following his feelings No turning… Leggi »

Testo Johnny The Horse – Madness

Testo della canzone Johnny The Horse dei Madness Album: Johnny the horse was kicked to death He died for entertainment Would you believe he came out well He had a bright inquiring mind His family knew that he’d go far If he applied his time But he started out standing on corners And talking out loud, too loud… Leggi »

Testo Chipmonks Are Go – Madness

Testo della canzone Chipmonks Are Go dei Madness Album: One, two, three, four ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR We’re the Chipmunks, hear us roar WE’RE THE CHIPMUNKS, HEAR US ROAR Sound off, CHIPMUNKS Sound off, CHIPMUNKS One, two, three, four ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR One, two, three, four ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR One, two, THREE, FOUR D’you have a… Leggi »

Testo Rise And Fall – Madness

Testo della canzone Rise And Fall dei Madness Album: The Rise And Fall (McPherson/Foreman) These are the streets I used to walk On summer nights, sit out and talk That’s the house where I used to live I remember what I would give. This is the town I won’t forget And after anger there’s nothing left Walking now… Leggi »