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Testo Epilogue – Manilla Road

Testo della canzone Epilogue di Manilla Road Album: Sword and Shield, await thee now The Time has come, The Hammers crashing down Ride this night, for the Crown Take thy place upon the battle ground Twilight Gleaming Thou must Fight For thy Freedom Tis the Time Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done Is what they say to… Leggi »

Testo Hammer Of the Witches – Manilla Road

Testo della canzone Hammer Of the Witches di Manilla Road Album: Hammer of Hell Not of The Well A book of sin Fathered by men Unholy deeds Done out of greed Murder by law In the Name of God Burn them all Burn them all Burn them all The blood runs cold We’ve paid the toll They burned… Leggi »

Testo Forbidden Zone – Manilla Road

Testo della canzone Forbidden Zone di Manilla Road Album: I’ve traversed on my own To the forbidden zone The place where All the others never dare to go To reach beyond the norms A fusion to all forms To go where no one else has gone before Open all those hidden magik doors This is the is the… Leggi »

Testo Lux Aeterna – Manilla Road

Testo della canzone Lux Aeterna di Manilla Road Album: In the corner of my empty room There is a place where sunlight dies No seems to care For the lost and lonely ones Out of sight is out of mind Still I wait for mornings warm embrace I can’t see into the dark Is someone watching me Now… Leggi »

Testo Queen Of The Black Coast – Manilla Road

Testo della canzone Queen Of The Black Coast di Manilla Road Album: Take me back, across the sea Of Vilayet, to my queen No kingdom hers, but for the sea A coastal curse, a pirate’s dream Scourge of the westcoast Hellcat of my dreams The tigress sailed, The south so vast The queen was hung from her own… Leggi »

Testo Hour Of The Dragon – Manilla Road

Testo della canzone Hour Of The Dragon di Manilla Road Album: Open The Gates 1st verse Rising swords Lead the sons into the battle. Rising stars mark this night, The Dragon is reborn. Demon Lords Shall not fell me from the saddle. Tiw and Mars mark this night, We blow the victory horn. Blow on. Chorus To wait… Leggi »

Testo Metalstorm – Manilla Road

Testo della canzone Metalstorm di Manilla Road Album: From the grave comes the storm fire and ice, and battle horns. Through the night a dark star burns Titans fight, the King returns. Demons eyes spread fear in pain Throughout the minds of those too sane To realize this is no game, Drinking the lies in Heaven’s name. Spear… Leggi »

Testo Into The Courts Of Chaos – Manilla Road

Testo della canzone Into The Courts Of Chaos di Manilla Road Album: Here in the fire Nothing belongs to god Only the fire Burning away the heart Here in the mind The holy war is fought Out of all time Into the Courts of Chaos Here in the fire Only the strong survive Blasphemous fire Burning the soul… Leggi »

Testo Siege Of Atland – Manilla Road

Testo della canzone Siege Of Atland di Manilla Road Album: Attack Don’t look back Atland must soon be set free Armies clash Sons of the night lead the siege and Attack Lightning cracks Torching the flesh that’s diseased Don’t hold back Hack and slash all that you see and Attack Aesir warriors come from asgard To fight Cthulu’s… Leggi »