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Testo The Glory of Achilles – Manowar

Testo della canzone The Glory of Achilles dei Manowar Album: Black candles slowly burning, white fangs and flashing eyes Hell’s wind and incantations summon living fire, Darkest forces and your demon’s black order, black king The cult that serves the living, accept this offering Black candles slowly burning, white fangs and flashing eyes Hell’s wind and incantations summon… Leggi »

Testo Revelation (Deaths Angel) – Manowar

Testo della canzone Revelation (Deaths Angel) dei Manowar Album: Above the wreckage of your mortal world I stand Judgement passed delivered by his hand Now clear the smoke, there the ashes stand A fitting tribute to mortality and man. What was written foretold in dreams, in visions apocalypse now seen. And all self-righteous fools who lived and blasphemed… Leggi »

Testo Fighting The World – Manowar

Testo della canzone Fighting The World dei Manowar Album: Fighting The World Fight Fight Fight Fighting The World Every Single Day Fighting The World For The Right To Play Heavy Metal In My Brain I’m Fighting For Metal Cause It’s Here To Stay Fighting Fighting Fighting The World I’ve Been Fighting The World Fighting Fighting Fighting The World… Leggi »

Testo Bridge Of Death – Manowar

Testo della canzone Bridge Of Death dei Manowar Album: Hail To England Slowly crossing as the river runs below Never stopping for whats waiting soon will slow And this last time looking back I’ll see My home for he awaits me reaching for my soul.He calls my name,and waves me on The fallen one he stands in flame… Leggi »

Testo Outlaw – Manowar

Testo della canzone Outlaw dei Manowar Album: Louder Than Hell I’m a stranger in town and my guns never cold I’m a gambler so bet on your life You’ll never live to grow old I deal in lead I won’t step aside Where trouble’s waitin well so am I I live for the fight the thrill of the… Leggi »