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Testo I Aint Goin Nowhere – Martina Mcbride

Testo della canzone I Aint Goin Nowhere di Martina Mcbride Album: Emotion When the world is on your shoulders Just too much to bear Boy my love can make you stronger I ain’t goin nowhere When you’re followin all the rules But life will not play fair Come to me and we’ll roll with the punches I ain’t… Leggi »

Testo Still Holding On – Martina McBride

Testo della canzone Still Holding On di Martina McBride Album: There’s something out there left for you But it’s not me We’ve reached a point of no return It’s only right I set you free I know I’ll have to turn away But there’s nowhere for my love to go And there won’t come a day When I… Leggi »

Testo I Cant Sleep – Martina McBride

Testo della canzone I Cant Sleep di Martina McBride Album: I can’t sleep for dreaming about you When you’re gone there’s nothing I can do But lie awake alone and dream the whole night through I can’t sleep for dreaming about you I close my weary eyes And see your face I hold my pillow tight And dream… Leggi »