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Testo Losing You Feels Good – Martina McBride

Testo della canzone Losing You Feels Good di Martina McBride Album: Miscellaneous (Lonnie, Charlotte & Herbert Wilson) I tried to hold our love together But you let us fall apart Now your leaving me for someone else Taking what’s left of my heart But this time the pain don’t feel that same I’m not aching like I should… Leggi »

Testo Three Mississippi – Martina McBride

Testo della canzone Three Mississippi di Martina McBride Album: I used to believe that things would change but here we go again Riding a spinning carosel, this circle never ends This kitchen table, has seen it all before These walls are tired of stnding, can’t hold us anymore. Chourus: One Mississippi I close my eyes Two Mississippi I’m… Leggi »

Testo Beyond The Blue – Martina McBride

Testo della canzone Beyond The Blue di Martina McBride Album: Miscellaneous (David Kent/Ashe Underwood) The sky’s been grey every day since I lost you But I know the sun is shinin’ somewhere… beyond the blue My eyes were red when you said that we were through But now I can see better days for me… just beyond the… Leggi »

Testo That Wasnt Me – Martina Mcbride

Testo della canzone That Wasnt Me di Martina Mcbride Album: The Way That I Am I know she must’ve cut you deep She’s gone but you won’t let her leave I know your heart has not healed yet But sometimes I think that you forget That wasn’t me That wasn’t me I’m not the one Who made love… Leggi »

Testo Thats Me – Martina McBride

Testo della canzone Thats Me di Martina McBride Album: There’s a photo in an album he don’t notice anymore That’s me, that’s me There’s a stack of cards and letters buried deep inside a drawer That’s me, that’s me And the shirt that I once slept in hanging loose behind the door Tossed aside so carelessly That’s me,… Leggi »

Testo Goodbye – Martina Mcbride

Testo della canzone Goodbye di Martina Mcbride Album: Emotion Occurred to me the other day You been gone now a couple years Well I guess it takes a while For someone to really disappear And I remember where I was When the word came about you It was a day much like today The sky was bright and… Leggi »

Testo One Day You Will – Martina Mcbride

Testo della canzone One Day You Will di Martina Mcbride Album: Evolution I am timeless I am patient I’m beside you and above I’m the words when you need comfort I’m the feeling you call love You say that you can take or leave me You think right now that you don’t need me Some way somehow young… Leggi »