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Testo Rose Of Allendale – Mary Black

Testo della canzone Rose Of Allendale di Mary Black Album: The moon was bright, the night was clear No breeze came over the sea When Mary left her highland home And wandered forth with me The flowers be-decked the mountainside And fragrance filled the vale But by far the sweetest flower there Was the Rose of Allendale Oh… Leggi »

Testo Message Of Love – Mary Black

Testo della canzone Message Of Love di Mary Black Album: Chorus A message of love, right to your heart Comes from above, to make a new start To spark a new flame, that will ring the world round Playing destiny’s game And creating her sound in a message of love Tell all your friends, our time is here… Leggi »

Testo Late Night Radio – Mary Black

Testo della canzone Late Night Radio di Mary Black Album: Oh Mary Jane, she step on the train Head for the city light Yearning inside to swim with the tide and taste it all night Bag on her shoulder, breathing the cold There by the metal tracks She saw it all shine and swore in her mind she’d… Leggi »

Testo Fat Valley Of Pain – Mary Black

Testo della canzone Fat Valley Of Pain di Mary Black Album: It was one of those days When to shine was of no value One of those days When the language had no grace We were miles apart And I stood there with my head spinning Just another poor soul Trying hard not to lose faith We had… Leggi »

Testo Donegal Breeze – Mary Black

Testo della canzone Donegal Breeze di Mary Black Album: CHORUS With your dark hair in the Donegal breeze, Bringing me softly and sweetly to the ground, But, there’s madness in the sycamore trees, And there’s no salvation to be found. Right now the only thing that my mind ever holds, Are long dark silences or screaming that explodes,… Leggi »

Testo Brand New Star – Mary Black

Testo della canzone Brand New Star di Mary Black Album: Miscellaneous Every now and then you like to take it easy Sit right back and view the situation The future is brighter Soon we’ll be riding on the crest of a wave Goodbye to all your troubles Change of heart the world will start today It’s a new… Leggi »

Testo Song for Ireland – Mary Black

Testo della canzone Song for Ireland di Mary Black Album: Miscellaneous Walking all the day, near tall towers where falcons build their nests Siver winged they fly, they know the call of freedom in their breasts Soar Black Head against the sky, between the rocks that run down to the sea Living on your western shore, saw summer… Leggi »

Testo Gabriel – Mary Black

Testo della canzone Gabriel di Mary Black Album: Miscellaneous Gabriel Gabriel, Open you heart and mine as well Oh Gabriel Gabriel, Save this heart from hell Heaven knows I love you, and heaven knows how true, I’d be for you People have their failings, and I know that I’ve got mine I know I’ve been ungrateful, I know… Leggi »

Testo Greatest Dream – Mary Black

Testo della canzone Greatest Dream di Mary Black Album: I Seems like the morning lights hereafter Can weigh much more than you can hold Somehow tomorrows lines and laughter Can turn around and look so cold Ii And you can hang your head in sorrow The restless nights when troubles come And stand alone and face tomorrow And… Leggi »