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Testo Coundown To Extinction – Megadeth

Testo della canzone Coundown To Extinction dei Megadeth Album: Endangered species, caged in fright Shot in cold blood, no chance to fight The stage is set, now pay the price An ego boost, don’t think twice Technology, the battle’s unfair You pull the hammer without a care Squeeze the trigger that makes you Man Pseudo-safari, the hunt is… Leggi »

Testo Almost Honest – Megadeth

Testo della canzone Almost Honest dei Megadeth Album: Cryptic Writings I lied just a little When I said I need you You stretched the truth When you said that you knew Just can’t believe it There’s nothing to say I was almost honest, almost Living alone, can’t stand this place It’s four in the morning and I still… Leggi »

Testo Victory – Megadeth

Testo della canzone Victory dei Megadeth Album: Youthanasia Now, one day I started telling everyone that Killing is my business… and I was hung like a martyr For Looking down the cross my Skull beneath the skin Prophesied Last rites / Loved to Death my friends Then I started seeing Bad omens in my head Good mourning /… Leggi »

Testo 502 – Megadeth

Testo della canzone 502 dei Megadeth Album: So Far, So Good… So What Pull over, shithead, this is the cops Full tank, pockets lined with cash Full throttle, gonna rip some ass. Drive all day, and through the night, Romance the road, winding left and right. The stars above guide me, the moonlight is free. A feeling inside… Leggi »

Testo Looking Down The Cross – Megadeth

Testo della canzone Looking Down The Cross dei Megadeth Album: Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good Now before they take me and my blessed life Now you’ll know why death was summoned here tonight I’ll recall my perils, they’ll kill me in pride No, I can’t run away there’s no place to hide Though too much… Leggi »

Testo Psychotron – Megadeth

Testo della canzone Psychotron dei Megadeth Album: Countdown To Extinction Dave Mustaine) Assasin in stealth Assailant from hell Impervious to damage Computer on board Engaged in a war Non-stop combatant Maybe not a mutant, maybe a man CHORUS Part bionic And organic Not a cyborg Call him Psychotron Burning inside Godspeed in glide Battle plan running A killing… Leggi »

Testo Achilles Last Stand – Megadeth

Testo della canzone Achilles Last Stand dei Megadeth Album: Miscellaneous It was an April morning when they told us we should go As I turn to you, you smiled at me How could we say no? With all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had Oh, the songs to sing, when we at last… Leggi »

Testo Blood Of Heroes – Megadeth

Testo della canzone Blood Of Heroes dei Megadeth Album: Youthanasia Walking stiff let me tell ya Better left for dead And now we are on a mission Well it’s full speed ahead My legion’s when we do the crime Let’s get one thing straight To get there early is on time And showing up on time is late… Leggi »

Testo Breakpoint – Megadeth

Testo della canzone Breakpoint dei Megadeth Album: Hidden Treasures Make up the rules for me to live by Rules you break and just let it slide You try and find you inside of me Be as great as you want me to be Hypocrite, the word that fits Do as you say Not as you do You’re pushing… Leggi »

Testo Chosen Ones D Mustaine – Megadeth

Testo della canzone Chosen Ones D Mustaine dei Megadeth Album: Killing Is My Business You doubt your strength or courage Don’t come to join with me For deth surely wants you With sharp and pointy teeth An animal so vicious No others fought and won So on the fields of battle We are the chosen ones Human bones… Leggi »