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Testo Dust To Dust – Misfits

Testo della canzone Dust To Dust dei Misfits Album: Famous Monsters Hate you father for you have sinned Why did you Lord Let this life being? I’m not your savior. I’m not your son A forgotten boy, abandoned creation With these final words I pull the switch We turn to dust Dust to dust My name’s like the… Leggi »

Testo BRUISER – Misfits

Testo della canzone BRUISER dei Misfits Album: Cuts From The Crypt All I feel is pain it seems today A dark angel leads me to evil far beyond the grave Declares me a phantom demon I don’t know It just cannot be defied At Hell this reflection stares at me And then I lose my mind It betrays… Leggi »

Testo American Psycho – Misfits

Testo della canzone American Psycho dei Misfits Album: American Psycho Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, Oh-Oh-Oh, whoa Go Inside a Wall Street mind a psycho lurks Lines of cocaine cut in Hell Obsessive hands gently grab your neck Compulsively you’ll die… I hate people Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, Oh-Oh-Oh, whoa-oh Struggling to breathe, go The sweet asphyxiation and dismemberment Sex puts me in… Leggi »

Testo Hybrid Moments – Misfits

Testo della canzone Hybrid Moments dei Misfits Album: Evilive If you’re gonna scream, Scream with me Moment’s like this never last When do creatures rape your face Hybrids open up the door Ooh baby when you cry Your face is momentary You hide your looks behind these scars In Hybrid Moments Give me a moment Give me a… Leggi »

Testo Hunting Humans – Misfits

Testo della canzone Hunting Humans dei Misfits Album: Famous Monsters Upon this threshold of disaster The birth of the eleventh plagure The fires burn at night I begin to doubt the smell of burning flesh Will ever fade away The touch of death is all around us A thousands corpses block our wat A man-made germs makes almost… Leggi »

Testo Day Of The Dead – Misfits

Testo della canzone Day Of The Dead dei Misfits Album: American Psycho Hell is full time to empty Human flesh feeding frenzy Woh- Oh Here comes the dead Open graves ghouls a plenty Zombie army machine is ready Woh- Oh Here comes the dead When the dead come arising You see their eyes you’re hypnotized and They eat… Leggi »

Testo Devil Lock – Misfits

Testo della canzone Devil Lock dei Misfits Album: So make this demon offering Best demon offering Curious about the eye of death, oh Gonna make it public Gonna make you pay Gonna rip your skull out Eye of death, I know Devilock, you rip your heart, I have ‘em Devilock, I rip your eyes out of hell Hell… Leggi »

Testo All Hell Breaks Loose – Misfits

Testo della canzone All Hell Breaks Loose dei Misfits Album: Walk Among Us Walls start closing in around you My twins of evil They shake you by the collarbone Then snap your ribcage And broken bodies in a death rock dance hall Please be my partner Eyeballs pop, accellerated blood beat Veins ‘a’ shaking And all hell breaks… Leggi »

Testo Die Monster Die – Misfits

Testo della canzone Die Monster Die dei Misfits Album: Famous Monsters First thing’s first. Ms. Mornroe rises from the dead The henchmen came knocked down the door To my never never world I hope you die… Die monster die Die monster die First thing’s first. we must find out which mirror evil lives I enter this door look… Leggi »

Testo Come Back – Misfits

Testo della canzone Come Back dei Misfits Album: Legacy Of Brutality Come back little raven and bite my face I’ve been waiting, endless waiting Come back and bite my face Come back little raven, decend your home This is not then, it is not now Come back, decend your throne I think you realize what I’ve done Well,… Leggi »