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Testo Straight Shooter – Molly Hatchet

Testo della canzone Straight Shooter di Molly Hatchet Album: Oh baby I got to tell you something Your lies and your alibies been driving me crazy Oh shoot it Rock and roll thats my game Fast cars, prety women, fortune and fame Who when it comes to live music and you playin’ no games Shows how to play… Leggi »

Testo Boogie No More – Molly Hatchet

Testo della canzone Boogie No More di Molly Hatchet Album: Miscellaneous Oh, People, baby, what’s the matter with you? Your feet, they ain’t leaving’ the ground. Don’t you just want to get up, babe, Hearing this rocking sound? Don’t you just want to jump on up, And kick your chairs out of the way? OOh we’re going to… Leggi »

Testo Penthouse Pauper – Molly Hatchet

Testo della canzone Penthouse Pauper di Molly Hatchet Album: Now if I were a bricklayer, I wouldn’t build just anything, If I was a ballplayer, I wouldn’t play no second string, And if I were some jewelry, baby, Lord, I’d have to be a diamond ring, If I was a secret, you know I would never be told,… Leggi »

Testo Stone In Your Heart – Molly Hatchet

Testo della canzone Stone In Your Heart di Molly Hatchet Album: Is ths how it ends As strangers again It’s over but you won’t explain No kiss, no goodbye, but one final lie Just cold to the phone from the ice that’s runin’ through your veins You got stone in your heart. Chorus: Na Na Na Na Na… Leggi »

Testo Rolling Thunder – Molly Hatchet

Testo della canzone Rolling Thunder di Molly Hatchet Album: Brothers riding to the wall from all across the land The wars been over twenty years but they still come who can Read the names of the land of the free Think of the brothers who went down for you and me. I ran into an old friend I… Leggi »

Testo Double Talker – Molly Hatchet

Testo della canzone Double Talker di Molly Hatchet Album: You said you loved me baby, I believed in you, But the words you’re saying now, Just ain’t ringing true, Lord you been steppin’ ‘round, With someone new, And that look that’s in your eyes, Been tellin’ on you. I just can’t take it baby, All your running ‘round,… Leggi »

Testo Never Say Never – Molly Hatchet

Testo della canzone Never Say Never di Molly Hatchet Album: Rolling down this highway, for years it seems Trying to chase that Rock ‘n Roll dream Ain’t no way I’m gonna throw in the towel I just keep pushing its just my style Yes I’m a rockin I’ll keep rollin It doesn’t matter if its up or down… Leggi »

Testo Heartless Land – Molly Hatchet

Testo della canzone Heartless Land di Molly Hatchet Album: I see it on TV watch it everyday Men with no conscience don’t care who they slay Children killing children for insult or greed Don’t want what they have don’t know what they need Shot for a dollar or the color of your car You try to find justice… Leggi »

Testo One Mans Pleasure – Molly Hatchet

Testo della canzone One Mans Pleasure di Molly Hatchet Album: Well here comes the story baby that I want you all to know, ‘Bought what brought me down, what got me feeling low, Started off one day and took off down the road. Seeking’ my fame and fortune, and trying to tote the load. Chorus: One man’s loss… Leggi »

Testo Devils Canyon – Molly Hatchet

Testo della canzone Devils Canyon di Molly Hatchet Album: A fire is burning low the moon is on the rise Stuck in a devil’s canyon surrounded by all sides Got nowhere left to run time is drawing near Well load up your guns its time to fight It just don’t matter who’s wrong or right Load up your… Leggi »