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Testo Knock Knock Get Off – Monica

Testo della canzone Knock Knock Get Off di Monica Album: Miscellaneous It’s funny how the tables turn turn turn turn [Missy] so upset This that hot new Uh huh Yeah New Monica [Monica] Its funny how the tables turn now it’s you running after me Didnt wanna spent quality time, didnt think I would ever leave You got… Leggi »

Testo If U Were The Girl – MONICA

Testo della canzone If U Were The Girl di MONICA Album: Miscellaneous [Jermaine:] Let’s kick a little something out there for all them cars that be bumpin. uh uh uh MO wassup [chorus:] if you were the girl would you stay trippin’ if you were the girl would you deal with all stress, heartache, lonely nights while you… Leggi »

Testo Right Thurr – Monica

Testo della canzone Right Thurr di Monica Album: Uhn…Ay Dirty (What?), look at that girl right there, ooh she make me say Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh do what you do…. [Chorus] I like the way you do that right thurr(right thurr), switch ya hips when ya walking, let down ya hair,(down ya hair) I like the way you da that right… Leggi »

Testo Street Symphony – Monica

Testo della canzone Street Symphony di Monica Album: The Boy Is Mine There’s something that I wanna say Feel a little outta place But I needed to make that change You promised to keep me out of the rain I love the cars and everything, the diamond rings But I loved you much more, baby You said that… Leggi »

Testo Punkie (Espanol) – Monica

Testo della canzone Punkie (Espanol) di Monica Album: Sean Paul pa tu en la a calle, te quiero you must be thinking me come from spanish town, spanish town, spanish town Take this! [Chorus x2] Hot sexy Punkie, mi punkie Gal se nota que me quieres, me quieres No importa que tu man dice No quiere ser, una… Leggi »

Testo Ain – Monica

Testo della canzone Ain di Monica Album: Miscellaneous Featuring DMX I Ain’t Goin Home Tonight By: Monica featuring DMX DMX: We knew what it was When we became a part of it Monica: Yeah Theres something on your mind I can see right through you I know your girl ain’t treating ya wrong But she ain’t no good… Leggi »