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Testo Someday Man – Monkees

Testo della canzone Someday Man dei Monkees Album: by Michael Nesmith Tell me, Just one more time the reasons why you must leave, Tell me once more why you’re sure you don’t need me, Tell me again but, don’t think that you’ll convince me. Now you’ve said, Before falling in love again you’d rather be dead, ‘Cause when… Leggi »

Testo You And I – Monkees

Testo della canzone You And I dei Monkees Album: Instant Replay You and I have seen what time does, haven’t we? We’ve both had time to grow You know, we’ve got more growing to do Me and you, and the rest of them, too You can see the changes we’ve been going through Such a pity, what a… Leggi »

Testo Ladys Baby – Monkees

Testo della canzone Ladys Baby dei Monkees Album: Lady’s Baby smiles and coos, Takes away my lonely blues. (Lady’sBaby’s?) mother cooks my meals, Warm and cool is really real… Runnin’ never was much fun – All it did was bring me down. Chasin’ round isn’t where it’s at. Tension puts you in the ground. Lady’s Baby pulls my… Leggi »

Testo Band 6 – Monkees

Testo della canzone Band 6 dei Monkees Album: Fine man, crazy man, he can’t see. Sound of the sunset, sound of the sea. Why do the people always look at me? Nobody can see that we are you, We are you. She’s him, too. She’s him, too. Fine man, crazy man, he can’t see. Sound of the sunset,… Leggi »