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Testo Calico Girlfriend Samba – Monkees

Testo della canzone Calico Girlfriend Samba dei Monkees Album: Bye bye, baby, bye bye Don’t want to make you cryBye bye, baby, bye bye Don’t want to make you cry I’ll be leaving you nowYou’ll get along somehow Time time is gone when you and I were strongTime time is gone when you and I were strong Isn’t… Leggi »

Testo Circle Sky – Monkees

Testo della canzone Circle Sky dei Monkees Album: Head Circle sky, telling lies Here I stand, at demand And it looks like we made it once again Yes, it looks like we made it once again Colorsound, all around Wing-tipped smile, sees for miles And it looks like we made it once again Yes, it looks like we… Leggi »

Testo St. Matthew – Monkees

Testo della canzone St. Matthew dei Monkees Album: By Michael Nesmith She walks around on brass rings that never touch her feet. She speaks in conversations that never are complete. And looking over past things that she has never done She calls herself St. Matthew, when she is on the run. She stoops down to gather partly shattered… Leggi »

Testo As We Go Along – Monkees

Testo della canzone As We Go Along dei Monkees Album: Head I can tell by your face That you’re looking to find a place To settle your mind And reveal who you are And you shouldn’t be shy For I’m not going to try To hurt you, or heal you Or steal your star Open your eyes, get… Leggi »

Testo Looking for the Good Times – Monkees

Testo della canzone Looking for the Good Times dei Monkees Album: (N. Diamond) Look out here comes tomorrow That’s when I have to choose How I wish I could borrow Someone else’s shoes Mary (Mary oh) oh what a sweet girl Lips like (berry pie) strawberry pie Sondra (Sondra oh) long hair and big curl Can’t make up… Leggi »

Testo War Games – Monkees

Testo della canzone War Games dei Monkees Album: Did you buy your tickets for the war game? Aren’t you glad that your sitting in the back? For the game is deadly having all the players Aren’t you glad it’s a spectator sport Can’t you hear the cries? It isn’t over Can’t you smell the fear? It’s all over… Leggi »

Testo Dream World – Monkees

Testo della canzone Dream World dei Monkees Album: The Monkees Music Box Walking around with your head in the clouds You don’t care Why must you walk when you know You’re not going anywhere? Why don’t you come out of your dream world? It’s not real It’s not the way it seems to be Why don’t you come… Leggi »

Testo Ceiling in My Room – Monkees

Testo della canzone Ceiling in My Room dei Monkees Album: by Michael Nesmith In a long and involved conversation with myself, I saw precious things come into view, When I poured through the files taken off my mental shelf, I dusted off some memories of you. Then I thought about the time when our affair was green, How… Leggi »

Testo Rany Scouse Git – Monkees

Testo della canzone Rany Scouse Git dei Monkees Album: By Micky Dolenz She’s a wonderful lady And she’s mine all mine And there doesn’t seem a way That she won’t come and lose my mind. It’s too easy humming songs To a girl in yellow dress It’s been a long time since the party And the room is… Leggi »

Testo Goin Down – Monkees

Testo della canzone Goin Down dei Monkees Album: Single Sock it to me. Floatin down the river With a saturated liver And I wish I could forgive her But I do believe she meant it When she told me to forget it And I bet she will regret it When they find me in the morning wet and… Leggi »