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Testo Admiral Mike – Monkees

Testo della canzone Admiral Mike dei Monkees Album: Miscellaneous You’re selling ads you slimy toad Don’t smile at me and shake my hand You’re killing me You’re killing us Because you’re only ‘only selling ads’ You’re selling ads you stupid twit The naked lunch is on your knife The homicides are suicides Because you’re only ‘only selling ads’… Leggi »

Testo Hard To Believe – Monkees

Testo della canzone Hard To Believe dei Monkees Album: Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn And Jones It’s hard to believe that you could ever doubt me I try not to hear the things you say about me And if you feel what I feel Please, I’d like to explain My love for you is more than just a game I… Leggi »

Testo P. O. Box 9847 – Monkees

Testo della canzone P. O. Box 9847 dei Monkees Album: By Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart Handsome, single, young man well respected in his town Seeks a fine, young lady from a similar background. Generous, responsible, respectful man of means. Socialize with presidents and queens. Reply, P. O. Box 9847 P. O. Box 9847 I’ve described me very… Leggi »

Testo If I Ever Get To Saginaw Again – Monkees

Testo della canzone If I Ever Get To Saginaw Again dei Monkees Album: If I ever get to Saginaw again, A locale that’s somewhat off the beaten track. Get to see the girl I never saw again Who must know why I have never ventured back. We we young, And so alive And now I wonder if she’d… Leggi »

Testo Ill be True to You (Yes, I Will) – Monkees

Testo della canzone Ill be True to You (Yes, I Will) dei Monkees Album: By Gerry Goffin and Russ Titelman I’ll be true to you, yes I will. I’ll be true to you, yes I will. I won’t look twice when the other girls go by. I’ll be true to you, yes I will. Somehow this time it’s… Leggi »

Testo All Alone In The Dark – Monkees

Testo della canzone All Alone In The Dark dei Monkees Album: Miscellaneous I can see you when the moon is shining bright I can feel you when the moon is out of sight Whisper softly, well it sounds so nice All alone in the dark, all alone in the dark I can hear the words you whisper when… Leggi »

Testo So Goes Love – MONKEES

Testo della canzone So Goes Love dei MONKEES Album: —– Girl, this is goodbye for us Im afraid theres no two ways about it Now you say you need my love, but youll just have to learn to live without it So goes love Dont try to understand it So goes love It never goes the wya you… Leggi »

Testo Can You Dig It – Monkees

Testo della canzone Can You Dig It dei Monkees Album: Head Some thing doesn’t change There is only one Always changing inside What does it become? Can you dig it? Do you know? Would you care to let it show? Those who know it use it Those who scorn it die To sing that you can dig it… Leggi »

Testo Porpoise Song – Monkees

Testo della canzone Porpoise Song dei Monkees Album: Head My, my The clock in the sky is pounding away There’s so much to say A face, a voice And overdub has no choice An image cannot rejoice Wanting to be, to hear and to see Crying to the sky But the porpoise is laughing, good-bye, good-bye Good-bye, good-bye,… Leggi »

Testo Aunties Municipal Court – Monkees

Testo della canzone Aunties Municipal Court dei Monkees Album: Fine man, crazy man, he can’t see Sound of the sunset, sound of the sea Why do the people always look at me? Nobody here can see that we are you, we are you She’s him, too, she’s him, too Fine man, crazy man, he can’t see Sound of… Leggi »