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Testo Every Step of the Way – Monkees

Testo della canzone Every Step of the Way dei Monkees Album: I used to see you on the avenue You were the girl that let me follow you You used to hang out in the alleyway You sewed a button on my shirt one day I asked around until I found your name Then underneath the arches in… Leggi »

Testo Midnight – Monkees

Testo della canzone Midnight dei Monkees Album: Deep in the bayou en route to LA The merchandise is changing sides People are hiding and waiting all day ‘Til midnight comes around That’s when it’s coming down And the dreams of a boy And his shortcut to easy street will die Back in the city, she’s biting her nails… Leggi »

Testo I Wanna Be Free – Monkees

Testo della canzone I Wanna Be Free dei Monkees Album: The Monkees I wanna be free Like the bluebirds flying by me Like the waves out on the blue sea If your love has to tie me Dont try me–say goodbye I wanna be free Don’t say you love me, say you like me But when I need… Leggi »

Testo Tear Drop City – Monkees

Testo della canzone Tear Drop City dei Monkees Album: Instant Replay Bout as low as I’ve felt in a long time And I know that I did her wrong at the wrong time It’s plain to see, she’s down on me And I know she’ll feel that way for a long time I was high on top, but… Leggi »

Testo Mommy And Daddy Unreleased Version – Monkees

Testo della canzone Mommy And Daddy Unreleased Version dei Monkees Album: The Monkees Present Ask your mommy and daddy What happened to the Indian Ask your mommy and daddy To tell you where you really came from Your mommy and daddy Will probably quickly turn and walk away Then ask your mommy and daddy Who really killed JFK… Leggi »

Testo Opening Ceremony – Monkees

Testo della canzone Opening Ceremony dei Monkees Album: by Michael Murphey She’s always appearing with a band of renown, You want to go and see her when you’re feeling down, She’s a breathtaking spectacle with guaranteed hope, She’ll make you feel good ‘cause she’s the best thing since soap, She’ll greet you in the alley with a fortified… Leggi »

Testo Circle Sky ( In album Justus ) – Monkees

Testo della canzone Circle Sky ( In album Justus ) dei Monkees Album: (Michael Nesmith) Screen GemsEMI (BMI) Lead Vocal: Mike Nesmith From Justus (see also Head) Circle Sky Telling lies Raison d’etre Idol threat ‘Cause it looks like we made it once again Yes, it looks like we made it once again Color Sound Run aground Seagull… Leggi »

Testo Tell Me Love – MONKEES

Testo della canzone Tell Me Love dei MONKEES Album: Oh tell me, love, and tell me truly Do you believe this is forever? Well I tell you, love, that I believe you Oh, when you tell me that you will leave me never Oh tell me, love, that all my words are a waste Oh tell me, love,… Leggi »

Testo Regional Girl – Monkees

Testo della canzone Regional Girl dei Monkees Album: Justus She’s a regional girl Come to the big city Give it a whirl She thinks that she can make it She thinks that she can take it I think she’s gonna end up makin’ Burgers in a basement She’s a regional girl He’s a regional guy Come to the… Leggi »

Testo Through The Looking Glass – Monkees

Testo della canzone Through The Looking Glass dei Monkees Album: Listen To The Band[Box Set You call my name, then you run for protection I reach out to hold you, but it’s just a reflection Through the looking glass Ah, you’ve been looking at your life through a mirror It’s time you started seeing things a little bit… Leggi »