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Testo Cristalena – Mxpx

Testo della canzone Cristalena degli Mxpx Album: Life In General Cristalena, ya she’s so cool Cristalena, she’s out of control Half the time she don’t know where she’s at Cristalena don’t know much about that But you know, and I know Cristalena But you know, and I know where I’ve seen her But you know, and I know… Leggi »

Testo Dead End – Mxpx

Testo della canzone Dead End degli Mxpx Album: Pokinatcha choose a direction which way you gonna go? you chose rejection because you didn’t know what he can do for you what he has done for me the purpose we’ve been waiting for the purpose that we want to see why won’t you see the signs there’s a dead… Leggi »