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Testo Cristalena – Mxpx

Testo della canzone Cristalena degli Mxpx Album: Life In General Cristalena, ya she’s so cool Cristalena, she’s out of control Half the time she don’t know where she’s at Cristalena don’t know much about that But you know, and I know Cristalena But you know, and I know where I’ve seen her But you know, and I know… Leggi »

Testo Doing Time – Mxpx

Testo della canzone Doing Time degli Mxpx Album: Life In General I remember times I had some were happy, some were sad memories me and my partners in crime throwing up a thousand times I got through it, I feel fine I went to school and did my time In a sense I’m out, In a sense I’m… Leggi »

Testo Small Town Minds – Mxpx

Testo della canzone Small Town Minds degli Mxpx Album: Let It Happen You’re the least of my problems, I won’t give you the time. You’re the least of my worries you’re not worth your weight. I’ll bet everything I have that you’ll be there To have what you call fun – but I don’t care Small town! small… Leggi »

Testo Dead End – Mxpx

Testo della canzone Dead End degli Mxpx Album: Pokinatcha choose a direction which way you gonna go? you chose rejection because you didn’t know what he can do for you what he has done for me the purpose we’ve been waiting for the purpose that we want to see why won’t you see the signs there’s a dead… Leggi »

Testo Let It Happen – Mxpx

Testo della canzone Let It Happen degli Mxpx Album: Let It Happen I want someone to love A love that when I think of Would put a smile on my face A smile upon my face I wanna hold her hand I want her to understand Theres got to be a better place But in this world (Chorus)… Leggi »

Testo Rainy Day – Mxpx

Testo della canzone Rainy Day degli Mxpx Album: Teenage Politics they just point the finger they don’t care they don’t think i know you think where did i go wrong? what did i do? where did i conflict with you? you can’t tell me that you care when you’re never ever there i don’t ask a lot from… Leggi »

Testo Important Enough To Mention – MXPX

Testo della canzone Important Enough To Mention degli MXPX Album: Let It Happen They all wanna talk when I’m not around but when I’m back in town they’re no where to be found they got things to say about things they don’t know and don’t have much to show of intellectual conversation words will often hide the truest… Leggi »

Testo Running Away – Mxpx

Testo della canzone Running Away degli Mxpx Album: Strong words, is all I can think to say to you So much has changed, and I’m not getting through Faced with, the possibility of growing old alone And backed with, a head that’s made of stone The black cloud follows me Wherever I go If I ignore it for… Leggi »

Testo Teenage Politics – Mxpx

Testo della canzone Teenage Politics degli Mxpx Album: Teenage Politics no i’m not mad but i think they forget what it’s like and how hard it is to be a teenager this is a new day and age, we read a different book where elvis ain’t the rage and polyester ain’t the look and will we change at… Leggi »