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Testo Indispose – Napalm Death

Testo della canzone Indispose dei Napalm Death Album: Do you think you can trust? Your mind made up of the things That cause you to live your life Displaced Dispose Give in You’ve got the best of me Wear thin Resisting qualities I had no choice You’ve got the best of me Force me to voice Resisting qualities… Leggi »

Testo Repression Out Of Uniform – Napalm Death

Testo della canzone Repression Out Of Uniform dei Napalm Death Album: Lyrics : barney greenway music : jesse pintado Phobic – eggshell-walking on a brink. Camera sensor eyes pierce. We excuse stone-set normality. Yet send tremors through morality. Frozen optics, Traction for outspoken heads. Fuck your badgeless, rankless dirge And bizarre take on community concern. Division is your… Leggi »

Testo Plague Rages – Napalm Death

Testo della canzone Plague Rages dei Napalm Death Album: Fear, Emptiness, Despair Scale the inferno, take it all in Am I right or wrong, or just confused? Glamorized, dare I say it? Fantasized, but through who’s eyes? Not theirs, that’s for sure! Rebuff beliefs that we’ve lost. A plague rages in all our hearts. Am I the last… Leggi »

Testo Take The Poison – Napalm Death

Testo della canzone Take The Poison dei Napalm Death Album: Shane embury Abstinence works for me, not for them. Intolerance, far worse things ? This makes no sense. Get high on me and mine Take the poison. Raise a voice ? the art of making noise Attacking stance ? Fist in face for personal choice So whithers ?… Leggi »

Testo Forewarned Is Disarmed – Napalm Death

Testo della canzone Forewarned Is Disarmed dei Napalm Death Album: Must have peace – under arsenals in the sky Must have peace – through we’ll strike at aby time We must have peace Forewarned is disarmed? Conduct post mortems As trigger fingers twitch to right a wrong Must have peace – though the megaton decree Must have peace… Leggi »

Testo 5 Caught in a Dream – Napalm Death

Testo della canzone 5 Caught in a Dream dei Napalm Death Album: In your mind Nothing but fear You can’t face life Or believe death’s near A vision of life On television screens An existance created From empty dreams Hide behind T.V. Hide behind life You should be living But you only survive Life holds nothing But pain… Leggi »

Testo Pseudo Youth – Napalm Death

Testo della canzone Pseudo Youth dei Napalm Death Album: Scum Same predetermined Patter, game, rules Uniformity Conformity How long can you hide the truth? Now you’ve settled down Reflected on your past The pose, the look, the stance All part of the act Tutte le canzoni dei Napalm Death

Testo Unchallenged Hate – Napalm Death

Testo della canzone Unchallenged Hate dei Napalm Death Album: From Enslavement To Obliteration A chronic complaint of dimness Prevails your profound ideology A romantic vision of a master race Attained through coercive forms of authority Your observance is negligence If you see the threat from different cultures We’re all in this sinking ship All of us together Where… Leggi »

Testo Lucid Fairytale – Napalm Death

Testo della canzone Lucid Fairytale dei Napalm Death Album: From Enslavement To Obliteration Delude yourself with the notion That life’s viewed defiantly through your eye Subconsciously following the flock >From which appearance is the only exemption The stagnant illusion of change Concealed behind your disguise What’s perspicious on the surface Is artificial inside When views are merely symbolic… Leggi »