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Testo The Everlasting Shame – Nasum

Testo della canzone The Everlasting Shame dei Nasum Album: It’s so sad, so sad to see This farce we call equality The gap between the sexes is still so fucking vast The failure of generations who tried to beat the last In the society of Men There’s not much a woman can do It’s so sad, so sad… Leggi »

Testo This Is – Nasum

Testo della canzone This Is dei Nasum Album: The world is owned by MNC’s The slay our forests for personal gain When the oxygene is gone and the air is black Where are we heading – please tell me where It happened so fast, the earth had enough What happened – no one understood Think about the world… Leggi »

Testo Inhale Exhale – Nasum

Testo della canzone Inhale Exhale dei Nasum Album: Vad r en konung utan makt? Ingenting att ha! Strsta socialfallet i detta land Han r ingenting att ha! Tutte le canzoni dei Nasum

Testo The Breathing Furnace – Nasum

Testo della canzone The Breathing Furnace dei Nasum Album: Burn your past on a stake Burn you values and views Burn and let the furnace breath Burn, just fucking burn The breathing furnace The breathing furnace is you Burn and breath… Breath the new dawn air Breath the wind of change Breath and evolve Breath, just fucking breath… Leggi »

Testo Shambler – Nasum

Testo della canzone Shambler dei Nasum Album: Solid walls of rock surround me Steamy lights, a ring of fire They shoot to kill, kill for the thrill The dance around me in the crypt of decay Shambler – the shambler is waiting for me The earth quakes while I break Tension grows as I suffocate Beneath the surface,… Leggi »

Testo Escape – Nasum

Testo della canzone Escape dei Nasum Album: To be governed is to be watched over, directed, regulated, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, cencored by men who have neiter the right nor the knowledge nor the virtue Erased from this world! To be governed is to be, at each moment, noted, taxed, assessed, authorized, hampered, rebuked, arrested. It’s to be,… Leggi »

Testo Self Vilification – Nasum

Testo della canzone Self Vilification dei Nasum Album: Back-stabbing yourself to get the others attention Insulting yourself to recieve salvation Why? From what do you hide Can’t you see that your problem is deep inside Don’t blame others for you violation And end this self vilification Tutte le canzoni dei Nasum

Testo Time To Act! – Nasum

Testo della canzone Time To Act! dei Nasum Album: Inhale Exhale Tell me why I just can’t fucking understand Tell me why this doesn’t seem to have an end Work all day for a cause I’ve never understood Hate this shit – I hate this fucking shit! So do you think you make a difference? Well do you?… Leggi »

Testo Restrained From The Truth – Nasum

Testo della canzone Restrained From The Truth dei Nasum Album: In the struggle for power, some facts are put in glorious disguise With methods so foul, reality is hidden behind fucking bunch of lies! The corrupt leaders are only fooling the youth The future generations are restrained from the truth Tutte le canzoni dei Nasum