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Testo Burning Inside – Nasum

Testo della canzone Burning Inside dei Nasum Album: Seize the day – is what to do Grab the moment – make what’s best Don’t be still – activate your mind Discharge the flame – turn dark to light Swallow the fire, embody the heat Seize the fire – the burning flame Ignite your will – let emotions spark… Leggi »

Testo A Request For Guidance – Nasum

Testo della canzone A Request For Guidance dei Nasum Album: I don’t know the hardcore book of rules, but I have yet succeded Instead of complaining on my life, guide me and show me the way Show me the way! Show me! I don’t need your advice, Mr Punk! I’ll do without them Punk is to think for… Leggi »

Testo Re-Create The System – Nasum

Testo della canzone Re-Create The System dei Nasum Album: How can union ideas be in question when the world slowly withers? Re-create the system! Inquiry leads to false prevarications Re-create the system! I feel your rope tightening around my neck Re-create the system! As the suction for profic drags us into the unknown Re-create the system! Tutte le… Leggi »

Testo Feed Them, Kill Them, Skin Them – Nasum

Testo della canzone Feed Them, Kill Them, Skin Them dei Nasum Album: Take them – for what they are Treat them – with love and respect Their skin so desireable, so much money to make Life will turn to profit, and you don’t fucking care Feed them, kill them, skin them Their lives ain’t worth shit! I just… Leggi »

Testo Hurt – Nasum

Testo della canzone Hurt dei Nasum Album: Hurt inside, reaching out Sadly rejected, feelings cast aside No one to turn to, all I do is cry Cry, cry, cry! Tutte le canzoni dei Nasum

Testo Scoop – Nasum

Testo della canzone Scoop dei Nasum Album: A new beginning, a fresh clean path Yet slightly curved and striving to come back The one you thought you were is gone A loss of faith, all bridges burned A strong commitment to return and find the place where it all began to… burn! A failure, a disgrace You’ll get… Leggi »