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Testo Disdain And Contempt – Nasum

Testo della canzone Disdain And Contempt dei Nasum Album: Disdain and contempt – walk hand in hand Disdain and contempt – my only friends Disdain and contempt – my life for you Disdain and contempt – you’re killing me Tutte le canzoni dei Nasum

Testo Revolution – Nasum

Testo della canzone Revolution dei Nasum Album: In the struggle for power, some facts are put in glorious disguise With methods so foul, reality is hidden behind fucking bunch of lies! The corrupt leaders are only fooling the youth The future generations are restrained from the truth Tutte le canzoni dei Nasum

Testo The Professional League – Nasum

Testo della canzone The Professional League dei Nasum Album: Violence – is it your answer, is it your plan? Your heritage A crossover between life and death It’s a must-be fan Raging in its’ cage And I can see it coming Now can you? No – I play it safe One step ahead, two steps aside Yeah, and… Leggi »

Testo Illogic – Nasum

Testo della canzone Illogic dei Nasum Album: A new wave of slander, hid as logic Washed upon our shores Reason be ignored It seems shame relives and breathes again I defy you – the old beast awakened again Despise you – the old beast awakened again Cultural diversity Was always a good thing to me Don’t give me… Leggi »

Testo Sixteen – Nasum

Testo della canzone Sixteen dei Nasum Album: Try to purify The well of dirty lies Overflown with deadly sins An attempt to pacify With orders to comply A calm breeze before it all begins Often wonder why The don’t realize Why they think I’m in their way Leave my throne behind Take on my empty shadows As I… Leggi »

Testo My Philosophy – Nasum

Testo della canzone My Philosophy dei Nasum Album: Disconcerting the downsides, emphasizing on the positive Charcterizes my philosophy My philosophy! Shaping a guideline, free to follow Sharing the thoughts of my philosophy My philosophy! Tutte le canzoni dei Nasum

Testo Hail The Chaos! – Nasum

Testo della canzone Hail The Chaos! dei Nasum Album: Hail the chaos! Hail the fucking chaos! Eternal disorder, growns inside of me I salute the turmoil, about society I could care less! Tutte le canzoni dei Nasum

Testo Tested – Nasum

Testo della canzone Tested dei Nasum Album: Are you the brave one? Would you dare to defy their cause? Can you stand up for yourself? Back up your thoughts with more than just empty words? ‘Cause I am here to test you And you’re about to fail Are you convinced of the fact? That you’re absolutely right? Do… Leggi »

Testo Total Destruction – Nasum

Testo della canzone Total Destruction dei Nasum Album: A claring light, an unatural tremor Napalm’s burning, a suffocating heat Blood runs red on scorched earth People groan in pain of their burns Skin’s looking like hardened meat Smouldering remains of life Tutte le canzoni dei Nasum

Testo The System Has Failed Again – Nasum

Testo della canzone The System Has Failed Again dei Nasum Album: Can you believe it? The system has failed! Can you believe it? It failed once again! People are starving, the crime rates increasing The all fell through the security net You better believe it! The whole system failed! Tutte le canzoni dei Nasum